What is SEO and how will it help me succeed on Fiverr?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, utilizes the many tools available in your Fiverr gig to get a high ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). Search engines, such as Google’s, use algorithms that weigh multiple factors, like keyword usage and link backs, to rank a website or link against the other results of a user’s query. Fiverr’s search algorithm is identical to Google’s. This means that a posted gig with an attractive title, good use of keywords, and several links to the gig on other websites (those link backs I mentioned) will list higher in the results than a gig with minimal use of keywords and zero promotion outside of the platform.

It might occur to you that it’s common to find more attractive and frequently ordered gigs from high-level sellers a few pages back. This is true. Over the last few years, Fiverr has made strides in opening the platform to new sellers. This is why it is so important to optimize your gigs. According to Fiverr, gigs appearing on the front page have a higher chance of getting orders. SEO is how you get on the first page.

1. Keyword research

If you have read anything about SEO, you have probably seen the term “keywords” used frequently. Search engines like the one on Fiverr rely on these important words from the user to locate their relevant results. If your content does not contain the words that your potential clients are searching for, your gig won’t make the list.

Keyword research can be done by studying/comparing related gigs and performing the same searches your customers are likely to make. It is important to pick keywords that have both high traffic and few competing listings. Too many listings for a particular keyword will lower your chances of ranking on the first page. On the other hand, having too few gigs with similar keywords is sometimes an indicator of too little traffic. I have found greater personal success with gigs that share space with between a few hundred and a couple thousand other results for my searches.

2. Keyword consistency

There is another balance you must maintain when optimizing your post, and that is the consistent and comprehensive use of keywords. What I mean is, you should have enough relevant keywords in your posting to place you in as many related SERPs as possible. But too many different keywords cause the frequency of each to drop. This lowers your ranking in the searches using each word. This will also hurt the quality of your gig by filling it with nonsense and making it less readable.

3. A Good URL

When you create the title for your gig, Fiverr generates a custom URL for your listing using that title. One benefit of this feature is that, as long as your title is descriptive, so are the links to your gig. But the standards for creating a web page’s URL are a little different than those for writing an attractive Fiverr gig title. Generally, the path (the part after the “/”) in a web address is a bit more keyword heavy and has less focus on proper grammar than it does on brevity. A quick scan of a URL should give you a good idea of what you will find on the linked page with as few words as possible. Fiverr titles are a bit more conversational.

The solution on Fiverr is to use your title field to create both your title and the URL. Conveniently, Fiverr will only generate a URL the first time you publish a title for a gig. Later changes to the title won’t affect the URL’s path. Once the gig is published, you can immediately change the gig’s title to be grammatically correct and easier to read without losing the powerful benefits gained from your SEO optimized address. The downside is that you only get one chance to nail your web address for each gig. If you make a mistake, you will have to chuck and recreate the gig to correct it.

4. Attractive titles

An effective title on this platform creates our third balancing act. You will want to have your keywords present to help maximize the number of searches you will show up in. But even if your gig is the very first result each time, a senseless title won’t drive sales. Your title is one of the first things your customers will see. According to Fiverr Help, it needs to be short and simple yet descriptive. It should also use correct grammar and sound professional.

Something like “I will graphic design social media Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram banners, posts, branding logos, business cards” won’t likely garner many clicks compared to titles like “I will design a hand-drawn business logo” and “I will design a professional eye-catching graphic for social media”. If you are having trouble coming up with a title, try browsing through similar gigs for inspiration!

5. Description and Tags

Your gig’s description provides an opportunity to utilize keywords in a more organized and informational way. This is where you really sell your services to your customers. It also carries less weight in Fiverr’s search algorithm than the title, but this is no reason to rush through this part of the creation process. Keyword-strong descriptions will definitely play a role in your first-page ranking! Be sure not to sacrifice a well written pitch for SEO, though. After all, what are the impressions if you don’t get any orders?

Tags play an even smaller role in search result ranking, but should also be properly utilized. You can use your tags to help bolster your rankings for your most relevant keywords. But I usually like to throw in a couple of less used terms to help increase the range of my presence in differently worded searches. Whatever your strategy, choose carefully. You are only given five tags per gig.

6. Sensible pricing

While it is unclear what role, if any, a gig’s pricing has on its search result ranking, it is still worth talking about. Effective pricing, like so many other elements of your gig, needs to carefully avoid two extremes: too low and too high. Many new sellers on the platform might think that lower pricing will lead to more orders. This might be true for some gig workers, especially if they are just starting. But, if the prices are too low, they will hurt your credibility and your customers’ perception of your skill level. This isn’t to say you will stop getting jobs, but the quality of the buyer’s expectations can be just as important as the quality of your service. Lower prices can attract less serious buyers and impact your bottom line.

7. Same day delivery

Fiverr is a market where buyers expect results fast. As a newcomer, you should aim to be as timely with your work as you can, shooting for same-day delivery if possible. This will give you a healthy advantage over two or three-day deliveries. It also facilitates the need for our next tip, staying online.

8. Staying online

Fiverr is not known for being very forgiving about undelivered orders. This makes sense, as it is their responsibility to foster a platform of responsive and high-quality service providers. This can spell disaster for a profile with missed orders, though. It is imperative that you check your account often for messages and orders if you plan on maintaining a top-ranking gig. If you are capable of providing same-day or 24-hour delivery, staying on top of your correspondence becomes even more important.

Utilize your FAQ’s to help maximize your Fiverr Gig’s performance and show credibility.

9. Utilizing FAQ’s

The Frequently Asked Questions portion of Fiverr gigs would be the most underutilized SEO tool on the platform if not for the gig video. This portion of your listing is more than just a way to correct common misconceptions about the service you provide. It is also an opportunity to boost your credibility and make greater use of those keywords! In his article about Fiverr SEO, digital marketing specialist Rizwan Qadir goes as far as to assert that you should have no less than ten questions on your list.

I have heard the rationalization that not making the customer ask their questions personally creates missed opportunities for customer engagement. I would argue, based on personal experience, that your customers will appreciate the care taken to think about and answer their concerns. It can also aid them in choosing you out of a line-up of people who provide the same service or product based on your understanding of your customers.

10. Optimizing images

The images in your gig’s gallery are likely the first thing your customers will notice about your listing. It is important to use high quality photos or designs that are pleasing and send the right message. Most people don’t realize that their images can help their search results ranking, but you certainly want to take advantage of it. According to Fiverr tutorials, the most obvious customizations are the file names of each image. Image titles should utilize keywords and describe whichever aspect of your service they portray in a concise manner.

There is some debate over the relevance of image metadata to Fiverr SEO. Metadata is the descriptive information that is stored in your files and used by a computer to catalogue and identify them. This data includes the file name, creation date, owner name and permissions, description, tags, and a lot more. Regardless of whether Fiverr’s algorithm uses that data, Google’s search engine does. If you are concerned about your external SEO on major search engines, there are desktop and web applications for each major operating system called EXIF editors to help you with this endeavor. Improve your Fiverr Gig’s search engine ranking SEO with an optimized gig video and wow your clients.

11. Optimized gig video

When I created my first fiverr gig, the video option seemed unnecessary, and I doubted that I would ever use it. Some experience in this competitive market has changed my mind. And while most people aren’t professional video editors or animators, Fiverr is a creative gig platform. A small investment in a short, professional video certainly can’t hurt your impressions. The extra layer of credibility it conveys to your viewers could easily increase your revenue, as well.

12. Variety of similar gigs

One big boost in ranking for more experienced sellers comes from multiple successful gigs on their profile. These gigs are normally similar in nature, but with specialization in different methods or aspects of the work. Not only does the presence of multiple gigs boost each gig in their respective searches, but it allows you to explore niches with greater SEO potential than their common keyword counterparts.

Final thoughts

Fiver can be a challenging and rewarding platform if you are interested in gig work. With some careful fine tuning, you can earn a little extra money or even make a living with your services and products. Using strong and relevant keywords is crucial to being discovered, but using them correctly will turn your high ranking into sales. Professionally designed thumbnails, a video call to action, and well written content will delight your customers and drive your success while you work on your own terms.


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