Make Money Online Selling Wholesale Products On Amazon?

1. Find a good product to sell wholesale:

Do you want to make money online selling wholesale products on Amazon? Make sure that the product is not sold by Amazon or a private label seller. Amazon can afford to lose money on a sale. As such, they will price their products lower than many competitors, so you don’t want to (and likely can’t) compete with them.

2. Calculate how much money you can make

Obviously, you’re interested in selling a product on Amazon to earn a profit. Here’s how you can evaluate sales and profitability before making an investment.

Make sure your product is priced within 2% of the Buy Box

The Buy Box is the widget to the right side of the Amazon product page that lists pricing and has the gold button that reads “Add to Cart.”

Understand the product’s fees

Next, make sure you know what fees to expect from the product. The easiest way to do this is to use Amazon’s FBA calculator. Enter the ASIN of the product into the calculator, enter the data and review.

Determine your profitability

Subtract Amazon’s fees and the cost of your product from the sales price. If you’re in the positive, then congratulations: you’re profitable!

Estimate your monthly sales

Determine the product’s monthly sales

3. Research products with high potential on Amazon

• A minimum price of $20

• Minimum of 15 reviews

• Minimum of 4 sellers

• Rating Must be 4 and above

• Profit Margin should NOT be less than 12-15%

4. Find the right suppliers

Finding suppliers for wholesale products looks a little different from sourcing a private label product.

You don’t have to ship products from China

you don’t need to create your own brand

How to find the brand’s contact information

Getting in touch with a brand is as simple as Googling them.Once you find the brand’s website, navigate to the contact section. Sometimes, a brand will have a “wholesale” tab, so keep an eye out for that.

5. Contact and negotiate with suppliers

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