Linkedin New Marketplace For Freelancers 2021

Have you heard about LinkedIn new marketplace?. LinkedIn has to Introduce its New Market, Place the same as Fiverr and Upwork for freelancers. All right, Mates. Good news for everyone here. LinkedIn will now modify the Freelancers game. LinkedIn already has potential customers, and LinkedIn now introduces its marketplace just like Fiverr and Upwork. Still, its dimensions are somewhat different from that of the market, and the concepts are identical.

How to Get Ready for the LinkedIn Market Place:

We aim to help you flourish in the newest marketplace for contract workers, whether you’re trying to build your portfolio or are a first-time freelancer. We’ve broken down four steps to make sure you’re ready for success on LinkedIn Marketplace.

Create a Portfolio of Work

  1. Optimize your portfolio. Now you’ll see a link in the first comment. Open the link to join the LI Service Provider Group. Send the application. This is the beta mode. They’ll let you in within 24 hours, but remember that your profile should be professional and optimized.

1.1 Present your greatest work: You might be tempted to include every project you’ve ever worked on when choosing work to include in your portfolio. This should not be done. The sweet spot for your portfolio is between seven and ten samples.

  1. It’s all in the details: Every piece you submit in your portfolio should have a descriptive caption.

This should include the following:

Positive results

What is your role?

a summary of the breadth

Client’s name and business sector

  1. User experience: Wouldn’t it be great if your basic cover letter could be used by any potential employer? The same principle applies to your digital portfolio: customize material to each job posting for the smoothest user experience possible.

You will see another OPEN TO WORK option when you enter as a Service Provider. Click on the Providing Services. And here,, you will have to create your Service Provider Page. Add the services you specialize in. Add your Intro (About You) Next & Publish.

All right! This new feature is New so don’t expect the clients from the next day. It will take time,, but you should make your service page from today. LinkedIn will then integrate your service Page with their Marketplace when it is launched.

When you publish your service page. Optimize it too. I’ll post it again. How LinkedIn can be optimized and maximized.

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