Latest AdSense Approval Trick 2021

Hello friends, this is your mentor Maaz here, and today I will talk about the Latest Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021, which is these days an ongoing trend on Google. No doubt, these days, a lot of people are searching for genuine AdSense approval methods or tricks on Google. A lot of people ask me through Twitter or Facebook, ‘Please suggest how your website can be monetized with AdSense‘So today I will clear up all the misconceptions about AdSense approval. Whether you are a new blogger or YouTuber and want to know about Google AdSense Approval trick 2021, then read this complete post. In this post, I am going to talk about the Google AdSense pay-per-click program. We all know that AdSense is the leading PPC program on the entire web and almost 90% of sites and blogs use AdSense for monetizing their sites/blogs. Many bloggers and webmasters only depend on AdSense for their online business, and Google AdSense is the most recommended program for new publishers.

What is a Hosted and None Hosted Google AdSense?

A Google AdSense hosted account is monetized on YouTube exclusively, while a non-hosted account can be used for numerous purposes, such as blogging, websites, and YouTube. Approval of a hosting account is easy, but it is hard to approve a non-host account. Difference from host to non-host Google AdSense account | AdSense account Many new starters have uncertainty regarding the Google AdSense account hosted and unhosted. Therefore, I now remove your confusion over these two accounts. AdSense is the Google Ads network in which Google allows owners of websites and others to use AdSense to monetize their websites and make money. Google employs two kinds of monetization accounts, Google AdSense Hosted, and Non-Hosted Accounts.

Between these two accounts, there is little difference. Almost everyone knows this, although some beginners have confused about these two accounts. An AdSense Hosting account is a product of an AdSense account where the publisher can send ads to host products such as YouTube, BlogSpot, etc… You can see your account very easily, and whether it is hosted or unhosted. You may access your AdSense account dashboard and see it in a red color written as a hosted or non-hosted account on the right-top side.

Compared to non-host accounts, the CPC, CTR, and impression were quite low. You can check out the YouTube video in which you reveal your YouTube and website earning experience entirely.

The AdSense Non-Hosted account is a product of AdSense, which allows the publisher to post ads on their website or Google hosting products such as YouTube, BlogSpot, or wherever. It is often referred to as a Fully Approved AdSense Account.

The greatest advantages were that it was quite difficult to earn your approval. You must develop a website/blog that fulfills all the laws or restrictions of AdSense. If you miss anybody who doesn’t match the Google AdSense policy, you lose your chance to earn their approval.

Why is AdSense the No. 1 Money Making Program for Publishers?

Because AdSense is owned by Google, the name is enough for everything. If you want to survive, you mustn’t oppose the giant, and we know who is the Internet giant. And it’s from Google, so it is the most reliable and trusted, and AdSense is also the highest paying PPC program on the web. In my personal experience, I made $16.48 in just 1 click. AdSense serves plenty more and more relevant advertising to your site via Ad code because there are millions of advertisers putting their money into Adwords. So these are all things that make Google AdSense the # 1 revenue-generating program for site owners. You can’t earn a single penny from Google AdSense if you don’t have a proper website. If you have a website, then follow the below steps for the Google AdSense Approval method.

These days, a common mistake is made by most website owners who want to get AdSense approval. A lot of people try to apply for Google AdSense Approval without following the basic rules or regulations. And that’s a common reason why their site is rejected every time by Google. I hope, after reading these steps, your website account will be approved for Google AdSense.

According to a short survey, these days, bloggers and YouTubers’ primary earning resource is AdSense. NO DOUBT Google AdSense helps website owners or bloggers to earn money legally by following their passion. Google AdSense pays for a click, and it is called the CPC (Cost Per Click) system. The CPC for Google AdSense is determined by advertiser ads, blog category, and other factors. Google AdSense also pays bloggers for advertising impressions. A Blogger can add multiple ads to their articles and websites according to AdSense rules. If visitors click on those links or ads, then the blogger generates some money. For example, if a site is getting 100 page views a day and 7 people click on the ads, then the CTR (Click through Rate) would be 7%. So if you want to earn money from Google AdSense, then, first of all, you have to create your website.

So if you want to know about Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021, then read below. Trust me, by following the below steps, you will get AdSense approval on your website.

If you already have a website, then, first of all, design its layout. It should have a user-friendly look. Keep in mind that there are some major differences between bloggers and WordPress. If your site is on Blogger, then you have to do a little more work compared to WordPress sites. I will recommend you here to create your site in WordPress CMS because it helps you in many ways. 90% of the bloggers don’t know any coding or web development, but still, they did a great job on their site. WordPress is very easy to use. We just have to drag and drop. What do you think?

You can create a blog site within 25 minutes, but to make it more attractive and user-friendly, you have to properly customize it. If you face any problems while customizing your blog post, you can get some help from WPBeginner or ShoutMeLoud articles. When I started my site, these two sites helped me a lot, and both of them help people without any cost.

After purchasing the domain and hosting, setting it up, you need to create some basic pages for AdSense approval purposes. These pages will help your site be more trustworthy and professional.

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Sitemap
  5. About Us
  6. Contact Us

These days, Google rejects a lot of new website owners’ requests because they don’t have these basic pages on their sites. You can very easily create these pages from your WordPress dashboard. If you don’t know which details you have to add on those pages, then search on Google for “DISCLAIMER generator”, “sitemap generator” or “terms and conditions generator” etc. Then you just have to enter your real name, site name, email and the rest they will provide you with. These free online tools help you to create your basic pages easily.

If you have already created these pages, then add those basic pages to your site’s FOOTER navigation, as I did in my footer menu. It’s quite necessary because it will help you to get Google AdSense Approval within a few days.

If you want to get Google AdSense Approval on first attempt, then this is one of the major steps. If your site has basic pages, well designed, but no quality content, then don’t apply for AdSense right now.

Keep in your mind CONTENT IS KING. You have to produce quality content for your website, which means writing articles with more than 300 to 450 words by yourself, not copying from other sites. Many times, I talk about quality being more important than quantity, but for Google AdSense approval, quality and quantity are both equally important.

Write 25 to 30+ quality content of 300 to 450 or more words. Also, try to improve your grammar while writing or editing articles.

If you are new to blogging, then you might not know that if you write a copy of content, then your site will not be monetized by Google AdSense. Copy content does not mean the same topic content. If you search for Google AdSense Approval Trick 2020, you can see a lot of content is available with the same title. But their content, writing style, and images are different from others, so it is not copied content.

Copy content means if I write an article the same as another site’s article, then this is judged as copy content. For example, ‘Best Seo Tips Site’ is an example of a copy site.

If your site has 30+ original content which was written by yourself, and if you followed the above steps perfectly, then your website’s Google AdSense approval chance is 80-90%.

First, you must read the Google guidelines about Content. Google AdSense will not approve your site if its contents are written in some uncommon language that Google does not support.

Nowadays, Google AdSense supports Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, and other Indian languages along with English. So I would suggest you here please check your website language to see if Google supports it or not.

To make your articles more attractive and user-friendly, you need to add some ALT images to your article. But the problem is that Google does not read images, so in this case, you have to add ALT image tags to your images. By adding alt text to your images, it helps Google to understand the images. Also, it helps with your article’s image SEO. Alt Text has helped me a lot to rank my many articles in Google image search results.

Don’t write about topics like pyramid software, TB tobacco, terrorism, politics, SH sexual harassment, hate speech, and illegal stuff. Google doesn’t allow these kinds of articles. They will instantly take action on this type of article. If you are writing generally illegal content or something like this, then your site will not be approved by Google AdSense. So don’t write any illegal, hateful, or this type of content. Write genuine content which helps users to learn something new in your unique style. Yes, it will take some time to achieve something. If you have already written a few illegal articles and Google rejected your Google AdSense Approval Request, then remove those articles from your website and try again.

I will not suggest you apply for AdSense approval after getting some unique visitors to your site. This is not a primary requirement for Google AdSense to apply. But it is my suggestion from my own experience.

If you want to track your website views, then you can take the help of the GOOGLE ANALYTIC tool. You can easily track your views report from Google analytics or its mobile app. If you are new, then I would recommend trying to target low-competitive niches and writing a maximum 500+ word article with proper on-page and off-page SEO.

For example, if you have written 20 to 30 articles and get 10 to 15 views on each article from organic search, then I would recommend you here to apply for Google AdSense. I was lucky that my site was approved for Google AdSense within 3 days using the same above method. 

If you applied for Google AdSense, then please don’t change anything on your site. If you applied for Google AdSense and today you changed your site layout or theme, then your application will probably be rejected. Once your site gets approval, then make changes if needed, but during verification, don’t try to do this.

This is the most important part of getting AdSense approval because most website owners make these little mistakes. They don’t write articles when they submit their sites for AdSense approval. If you applied for AdSense and if you are not publishing new content, then it will take more time to verify your site. You must add content after applying for Google AdSense.

So the two steps after applying for Google AdSense, which you have to know, are-

  • Don’t make any changes to the site (like the theme, layout, post URL, etc.)
  • Publish new content during verification time.

Sign-up and Connect to AdSense:

Create an AdSense account: Google has simplified and sped up the signing process. You may register for AdSense and access your AdSense account instantly.

AdSense Sign Up

After log in to your AdSense account, you have to connect your site to AdSense by placing code into the HTML of your site between the <head> and </head> tags.

If you are not able to insert the AdSense code into your blog/site, you may WhatsApp me for free help – No Calls. Scroll down for tutorial help related to adding code to self-hosted WordPress sites,, Shopify, and other online platforms.

<script data-ad-client="ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxx8042" async src=""></script>

The above code contains your Publisher ID (ca-pub-xxxx) to verify your site ownership and display ads automatically immediately after activation of your account (if you select the option to show the same).

See the screenshot for more.

If you are not able to paste the code into your site, please feel free to ask me for help without paying a consultancy fee. You now have to give your legitimate mailing address and your valid telephone number. Please note that before sending your first AdSense payment, the Google AdSense team will provide your Personal Identification Number (PIN) code to that address.

You will then get the following pop-up notification (code was detected) after finishing all the steps:

“The activation process of the account can now start. This normally takes less than a day, although it may take a little longer in some circumstances. When everything is ready, we’ll email you. “

The code was found – Connect site to AdSense

Take note that it will not display any ads on your live webpage until your AdSense account is fully approved. Previously, you had to wait many days or weeks for initial checks to validate the information submitted with your AdSense application.

And after verification of your information (your name, address, blog/site URL, etc.), you were able to create your first AdSense Ad Unit.

Final Activation/Approval (if applicable):

Finally, after you have implemented the code on your website, you will receive a response from specialists from the Google AdSense Team within 24 hours regarding the final status of your application. This procedure, on the other hand, may take 1-2 days. What if I told you something you already knew? Previously, the same process may have finished in 7-10 days, depending on the circumstances. The final step is to wait for an email confirming that your AdSense application has been approved.

In any other case, you will receive an email on your registered email ID explaining why your account has been denied and outlining the possible next steps you can take to have your account approved.

Once your AdSense account has been fully authorized, Google Ads will be displayed on your approved website/blog and the red bar across the top of your AdSense account will be removed. You may now construct your first Ad Unit to display AdSense advertisements in the areas of your website that you choose, such as the header, sidebar, above/below the text, and footer, among other places.

Is it mandatory to provide my bank information when opening a Google AdSense account, or can I choose to add my payment method at a later time? No, you do not need to enter your bank account information when signing up for an AdSense account. After your AdSense account has been approved, you may enter your bank information.

If your total monthly earnings from Google AdSense exceed $100.00, you will be paid by Google (check your payout threshold). Your payment information will be collected once your earnings have reached the threshold limit. You may choose to manage payment methods such as wire transfer, intermediary bank (ask your bank), and foreign currency conversion, among others.

Can you tell me how long it takes for AdSense to approve my application?

The amount of time it takes for an AdSense account to be completely enabled is: In less than 24 hours, your AdSense account will be approved. It can take up to two weeks for permission to be granted. Never forget to include the AdSense code on a website or page that receives a significant amount of traffic. Please keep in mind that some steps in the process require you to take action, and Google will only activate your account if you have completed these steps.

Insert the AdSense code into your self-hosted WordPress site.

WP Plugins are the most convenient way to integrate AdSense code into your WordPress (WP) website. Following login to your self-hosted WordPress blog, if you have technical skills, you can also access the Theme Editor option from the left sidebar under Appearance after logging in.

Additionally, you can check to see if the WordPress theme that you have installed supports AdSense code widgets. The majority of themes include numerous options for inserting AdSense code into various areas of your site, including the header, sidebar, single page, and footer sections, among others.

Insert the AdSense code into your blog.

To incorporate the AdSense code into your Blogger blog, simply navigate to your blogger dashboard and select Theme from the sidebar. After that, select Edit HTML from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the CUSTOMIZE button. Now, right above the closing head element, paste your AdSense code in place of it. This month (March 2021), one of our clients got an approved AdSense account for his first blog. Please let me know if you have got an approved AdSense account recently. Share your own experiences regarding AdSense account approval.

Make The Most Of It.

Now you have everything. You have a Google AdSense account. What are you waiting for? Now you must be thinking of putting the AdSense ad code on your blog quickly and waiting for the clicks. This is where lots of people make mistakes. You can not just create a blog/site without planning and earning a lot from AdSense. If you want to earn decent money from AdSense, like $200 to $400+, then you must plan everything. You must know how much CPC (cost per click) is going to be for your particular article. You can not just write about anything. So plan your website, then put the AdSense ad code on it and start making money.