How To Write SEO Friendly Articles

In this article, I will tell you some ideas how to write seo friendly articles. The internet is used all around the world, and it goes without saying that it has become an integral part of our daily life. Digital marketing is also in great demand at a time when the internet is becoming more mainstream. And it’s also true that everyone wants to rank first in the search engines, but do you think it’s easy? This may appear to be a simple question, but it is – How To Write SEO Friendly Articles in their most basic form. How do you go about doing SEO?

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Correct keyword selection

The importance of the keyword in SEO

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Everyone wants to be at the top of search engines and acquire a competitive advantage. But first, you must comprehend. For this goal, the notion of SEO, sometimes known as “search engine optimization,” is critical. SEO has evolved into a business hub, with everyone, including website owners, taking an interest in it. There are a few things you need to learn and take care of if you want your content to rank first in search engines like GOOGLE. Especially when it comes to the SEO-friendly articles that you will post, which is the main focus of this discussion.

Writing tips for SEO-friendly blog posts

First and first, I’d want to state that I am not an SEO guru.I don’t consider myself to be a novice when it comes to SEO, but link building appears to be the most visible activity at the moment.
I’m not sure whether it’s just me, but I’m finding it quite difficult.

Best SEO Plugin

If you want to get quality articles score, then you need to take a few steps. I would recommend you to used Yoast SEO and the most popular plugin in this field of SEO ALL in one SEO WordPress Plugin For a good article, First you have to install any one of these two plugins on your site. If you can adjust the essential settings, you can open a part of the plugin at the bottom of your posts. This section will ask you to specify keywords. Here you have to play with your title and keyword.

Keep noted that your keyword must match in the title of your article. Search engine always display site title and description in the search results. When your article appears in search results, your page title should be at least 3 words and 30 characters long. Google has updated the maximum number of characters in the description section to 160 character. Your page title must be at least 60 words.

User Satisfaction

The most crucial SEO criteria is that the articles you publish should be between 400 and 600 words long. We can’t assert that search engines appreciate information that’s short and sweet.
However, you do not have to write so lengthy that your content becomes useless and obnoxious as a result of it. Who reads an article with a lot of repeating sentences and feels compelled to add it?

Use Correct Title

Another important necessity for developing an SEO-friendly post is to make effective use of compelling headlines. However, the title you choose should be easily understandable.
Additionally, the words in the page title must include keywords. Google and Yandex, for example, are clever enough to look at the page titles where your article is located. If you properly structure your titles, readers will have an easier time finding the information they seek. And the more attention your headlines receive, the more enjoyable your text will be.

Correct keyword Selection

This is also a main key factor in seo. Having trouble choosing your main targeted keywords? You can take some help of Google AdWords to identify how many words are being searched. Just type “keyword planner” into Google. Remember, the lower your keyword competition, the higher your article will rank in search engines. For example pick 800 to 2000 competitive keywods.

The importance of the keyword in SEO friendly articles

Now Your keyword has been generated.The next step is to transform your term into the article’s featured shape. You can achieve this with various fonts by thickening and boldening your keywords. Let’s think about that for a moment. The goal of search engine optimization is to have your content appear at the top of the search results. What search engines are looking for when it comes to websites that users at the top of the page wish to visit. You’ll be hit by two birds with one stone in this situation, thickening your keyword.

Image settings

It is indisputable that adding appealing graphics can draw users’ attention to any article, causing it to become more popular. If your article is original and fascinating, it is SEO friendly in this instance. Including at least one alt image in your content will raise greater awareness, as well as a few guidelines that must be fulfilled.

Leaf link

As above explanation You used your keyword in the title and description section for search results. Same case here your link should also contain keywords. This is a true reality and important for SEO.

Links to other blog posts and resources

Backlink play a vital role in website ranking. We can say that search engines will definitely love you if you provide links to authoritative and High DA PA trustworthy websites and blogs. For an example, if you link to Wikipedia in your article, your users will realize that your article is effective, they will find what they are looking for, and they will trust you. Search engines will also scan ENTIRE page of your website and create an accurate sitemap.


In this article, We have provided ideas on how to write SEO-friendly articles. In digital media, everything is focused on the user. It will propel you to the top of search engines if you have original articles that help users and pique their attention. Your content will be ideal if you accurately identify and use your keyword. As long as your content satisfies the criteria, reaching the top of this digital competition is not impossible.

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