How to work on 6 channels and generate 600 Dollars income

Today, I’m going to offer my friend’s secret strategy for earning 600 dollars by working on six channels. Note: I’m not going to format postings anymore because some people can’t see them on their phones, so it’s best to keep it simple. Hello, EC Family. My name is Mohib. After a long hiatus, I’m back with more useful stuff.
I enjoy creating content and sharing it with my EC community.

So today, I am going to share how to work on 6 channels and generate 600 dollars in income. But why generate 600 dollars? Why not 6000 dollars? (Always remember, you should set realistic goals at the beginning because unrealistic goals will hurt you when you do not get your desired results.) I am not saying that you can’t generate 6000 dollars by working on these 6 channels, but as a newbie, first, you will need to generate 600 dollars to generate 6000 dollars. Because when you can generate 600 dollars, then eventually you will be able to generate 6000 dollars too. So let’s grab your coca-cola and start reading. “

1) Learn 6 Channels  

Your first step is to learn about these 6 channels by using VBC, YouTube, and Google. Remember (you should give your maximum effort, and time to learning because without learning there is no earning) Now you’ve learned these 6 channels and gained proper knowledge.

2) Creating Professional Profile:  

Your second step is to create a professional profile on these 6 channels. One professional picture of yourself on all these 6 channels. Attention-grabbing tagline SEO optimized bio Watch videos and read blogs about creating professional profiles.

3) Client Hunting:  

Now you’ve learned 6 channels and made your professional profile. It’s time to hunt for a client. We’ve already talked so much about client hunting (visibility, answering queries, fame, etc). Increase your visibility, answer queries and become famous. Full Stop. Congratulations now you know how to hunt for a client.

4) Make Your Final Contract:  

Now you’ve hunted your client successfully. It’s time to make your final contract. What kind of contract should be?  

Drop ship product hunting, listing creation and optimization, customer handling and A to Z account management. Salary: 600 $  Payment term: Monthly Daily time: 12 hours max.   This is not the proper contract, this is just an example. So here what I tried to say is that you should mention everything in your contract after starting your work. You can’t cancel the contract. It would be really unethical. So make realistic goals at first.

When you’re able to generate 600 dollars, then eventually you’ll generate 6000 dollars, INSHAALLAH. So focus on the small first. Because unrealistic goals will hurt you and you’ll be demotivated when you do not get your desired results.  

My Good Prayers and Best Wishes are always with you. Keep Learning & Growing Happy Learning!

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