How To SEO Optimized Your Blog Post In 2021?

Hello Audience, Today I’m Going To Provide You With A Complete Guide On How To SEO Optimize Your Blog Post Or Article. If You Are A Blogger & Want To Rank Your Every Blog Post On Google 1st Page, Why Should You Read This Complete Guide About How To Seo Optimize Your Blog Post? So If You Are Still Interested In This Topic & Want To Get Info Related To Content Optimization, Make Sure To Read This Complete Post Till The End. Now Let’s Begin…!

Why Is Content Optimization Important?

Before Going On To The Main Topic Of Our Article, We Should Know The Importance Of Content Optimization. Because It Has Great Significance In The Blogging Field. If You Want To Become A Pro & Well-Known Blogger, You Should Have Complete Knowledge Of Its Importance & Usage In The Blogging Field. There Are Many Advantages To Content Optimization. That’s why we follow the strategy of Content Optimization.

1. Content Optimization Helps Our Blog To Rank Higher In Google & Other Search Engines Page Results.

2. It Can Also Provide Positive Organic Boots To Improve The Ranking Position In Search Engines.

3. Optimized Content or Post Helps Our Blog To Get More Organic Leads or Traffic According To Our Business & It Also Helps Our Visitors To Understand The Content Structure.

So These Are The Three Main Advantages Of Why Content Optimization Is Significant In The Blogging Field. Now Let’s Begin To Start A Discussion On How To SEO Optimize Your Blog Post.

Guide To Optimize Your Blog Articles

Now When We Talk About The Optimization Part Of Our Content. So It Is Based On Different Values & Niches. Every Niche Website Has Different Types Of Content Optimization. So here I’m I am Just Going To Share My Personal Experience Of Tech, Real Estate, Cooking, and Digital Marketing Related Niches. If You Are Working On These Niches, Then You Should Follow This Given Guide As It Is. Now Let’s Begin!

1. Keyword Stuffing Ratio/Keyword Density.

2. Internal Linking.

3. External Linking.

4. Third-Party Sponsor Links.

5. Images Alt Tags.

There Are 5 Main Parts Of Content Optimization, And Now I Will Discuss All Of Them One By One. Make Sure To Follow All These 5 Things If You Want To Produce The Best Results.

Keyword Density Or Keyword Stuffing

Keywords Are The Most Important Thing In SEO Optimization Of Your Blog Post. For A Blogger, Keywords Play A Good Role In The Ranking & Understanding The Search Engine Bots To Rank Their Content. But In Most Cases, Newbie Bloggers Make A Major Mistake In The Use Of Keywords.

Newbies Use A Lot Of Keywords Instead Of The Main Blog Post Content In Their Articles. In This Case, Their Content Doesn’t Rank In Search Engines & Goes Into Spam Box. Also, this thing effects your user engagement. Because if your content user can’t find the actual desired information, then he will leave your site very soon.

So Make Sure To Use The Measure The Keyword Density or KW Stuffing Tool To Check Out The Keyword Density In Your Whole Article. For Measurement of Keyword Density Tool, You Can Use A Helpful Website (Word Counter Dot Net).

Internal Linking Is A Very Important & Useful Part Of Your Article Optimization. In this section, we just add some of our relevant links related to our content. If You Are Writing Content About SEO, Then You Can Add Your Previous SEO Related Posts To Any Related SEO Words or Like “You Can Read More About SEO”

This Kind Of Internal Linking Provides You With More Traffic And Users Stay More Time On Your Blog & Visit Some Additional Posts By Visiting Your Single Post. So Make Sure To Do Nice Internal Linking To Each Post On Your Blog.

External Linkage Is Also Important, As Is Internal Linking. In this process, we add some other third-party website links to our content. But we just add related third-party links into our articles. If You Are Writing A Post On Digital Marketing, Then You Should Add A Link To Digital Marketing Related Websites To Your Content. Also, make sure to add a high-authority third party link to your article.

In This Section, we Provide Some Sponsors Linking Into Our Site Content To Some Third Party Brand Sites or Affiliate Partners. In This Process, We Should Make Sure To Use The Sponsor Attribute Behind The Link. If You Do Not Add The Sponsor Attribute Behind That Link, Then It Will Be Neglected By Search Engine Bots. So, always try to add sponsor attributes to the third party sponsor brand.

Images Are One Of The Most Important Things In Our Blog Articles. So here most newbies make one mistake. They Do Not Add Alt Texts To Their Blog Images. If We Don’t Add Alt Texts to Our Content, Then It Will Not Be Considered SEO Optimized.

In This Process, We Add Some Text or Description & Caption To Our Images Related To The Content Topic. When We Add These Alt texts, Then Our Images Are Considered SEO Optimized, And Search Engine Bots Easily Understand Images.

So These Are Some Basic Tips & A Complete Guide On How To SEO Optimize Your Blog Post. If You Like This Content & Want To Read More Of These Kind Of Posts, So Please Spread This Informative Content On Social Platforms. Thanks for Coming to This Post.