How To Fix WordPress Timeout Error Please Retry The Request

Hey guys this is Hamza here, If you are facing this WordPress Timeout error on your website like that “This request takes too long to process it is timed out by the server” Then you are at write place. In this article I will tell you the write method for fixing this WordPress Timeout Error basic error which most of you guys must have faced or may be facing if you run a WordPress site so this request timeout error usually occurs. When you are trying to install a theme on your WordPress site of more than 5200 MB at least it was the only reason in my case but if this not the reason in your case then also you can try this method.

Possible Causes

  1. Your server’s resources are insufficient to do the task you’ve requested.
  2. There may be a scripts someplace that has been written incorrectly, resulting in loops and the server terminating it before it finishes.
  3. It’s possible that a script is sending requests to a remote server that’s taking too long to answer.
  4. Your PHP variables max_input time (the maximum amount of time each script can spend parsing request data) and max_execution time (the maximum execution time of each script in seconds) may be set too low.

Get in touch with your web hosting provider:

For assistance, contact your site hosting company.
They should be able to give you some helpful information about your problem.
They might guide you to a file that’s causing the problem.

To accomplish your assignment, request that your web hosting business boost your PHP max input time and max execution time.

Plugins should be disabled.

Restart your task after disabling your plugins.
If this works, you may have a plugin that takes too long to run, or you may not have the resources to run a big number of plugins.

Retry your task after disabling one plugin at a time.
This is to get rid of any plugins that take too long to run their code.


The following are some troubleshooting suggestions.

All you have to do is to open the cpanel of your website look for the file manager and go into the file public underscore public html and look for dot htaccess file right click on it and select edit now scroll down and add the code which I’m highlighting right now under hash and WordPress and Php.

Now go and edit the file php.ini in the same folder public underscore html just paste the single line code in php.ini and click on save change that’s it this is all you have to do and if you want to get the code of these two files you can check the description below

(.htaccess) :-

php_value upload_max_filesize 128M
php_value post_max_size 128M
php_value max_execution_time 300
php_value max_input_vars 3000
php_value mamory_limit 256M

SetEnv noabort 1 SetEnv noconntimeout 1

(pHp.ini) :-


If you don’t have access to the.htaccess or php.ini files, contact your Web Hosting company for assistance.

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