Google adSense friendly wordPress theme – Advantage of using

WordPress Adsense Theme

Google AdSense is another very famous internet advertising network, which is very popular among all the bloggers. Therefore, if you’re planning to earn money out of your own blog, you ought to employ a Google AdSense friendly WordPress theme. This theme is an elegantly designed WordPress theme which gives off an upscale, sophisticated, yet simple and easy appeal. You can easily install this theme on your WordPress blog and start making some serious cash out of your internet business as well. Just like the other themes in this AdSense program, this theme also lets you earn revenue through Google’s advertising programs.

To get started, just select Google AdSense as your niche and choose your Google AdSense theme. You may then go ahead to install plugins that support the Google AdSense network like Buddy TV, Google Analytics, Google Translate, Google Site Creator, and Google Currents. With these plugins installed on your site, you’ll be able to know how much traffic is generated on a regular basis. Then you will also need to select relevant ads to display on your sidebar. You can boost your click-through rate with a Google AdSense friendly WordPress theme.

When choosing an AdSense theme, it is important that you know how much money can be made through ad placement. In AdSense terminology, traffic is called “qualified traffic” or “targeted traffic”. The more qualified traffic that you can drive to your site, the better your earnings will be. Thus, you must ensure that you place your ads appropriately. You can use the Google AdSense keyword suggestion tool to choose relevant keywords for your ad placement and make it more attractive to both the search engines and your target audience.

Some of the most popular AdSense themed themes are Free-iliate-Spotlights, CPA Ads Postcard, Blog Traffic, Google AdSense Optimized Site, eBizAds, iPages, just to name a few. These AdSense friendly WordPress themes have several advantages over other themes available online. For one, they are 100% free! You do not have to spend a single cent to host these AdSense ads. Therefore, more people are attracted to these themes, and hence, more traffic is generated.

The second advantage is that these themes automatically display ads in your sidebar ads. These ads are best placed when your main content and sidebars are focused on content. This will allow you to maximize the revenues from ad placements. You’ll only have to monitor your post content to see whether or not your ads are still getting clicked.

The third advantage is that an AdSense friendly WordPress theme offers full customization. You can choose colors and logos for your sidebar, blog modules, headers, footer, and template graphics. The customization options are endless. You can easily access the source code and change anything that you want to. So, if you’re planning to customize this AdSense program further, Ad Mania is what you need.

Another great feature of an AdSense friendly WordPress theme is its widgets section. With the help of widgets, you can customize not only the look of your blog, but also the functionality. There are a number of Widgets that you can customize. For example, there are a large number of Google Analytics Widget elements that you can customize to fit your blog’s specifications. You can also find a plethora of Click Bank Widget elements which work great with any WordPress themes.

To sum up, the AdSense friendly WordPress theme gives you the ultimate freedom to decide where you would like your ad unit to appear. It has several different options of display ads. And best of all, because it’s based on WordPress, it’s very easy to modify the appearance and functionality of the ads using the many available widgets.

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