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Blackberry Pearl Skins as Fashionable Accessories

Blackberry Pearl Skins as Fashionable Accessories

So you have finally managed to corner your preferred model of Blackberry Pearl skins and Blackberry tour cell phones. You can be justifiably chesty of the fact, because after all  Blackberry Pearl and Blackberry tour cell phones are among the most desired high maintenance gadgets. It shows that you have arrived and that you have the money to spend on the cell phone of your choice.

After a couple of days, you start to wonder whether something extra is needed in your cell phone. That is because you have noticed a number of scratches on its surface. That is the reason why many people go out and purchase a plastic or leather covering to protect their Blackberry Pearl or Blackberry tour. The ideal answer is to protect your cell phone is with cell phone skins especially elegant Blackberry Tour Skins and Blackberry Pearl Skins.

Now, of course a conserving covering is all very good, but if you are looking for something which is not so well, bulky, you are going to be on the lookout for really good cell phone skins. Now, the advantages these Blackberry Tour Skins and Blackberry Pearl Skins have over a plastic covering are quite manifold. You are going to find a fashion accessory, which is going to be a part and parcel of your Blackberry Pearl and Blackberry tour original design. You are also going to find something which is going to look so captivating while protecting your valuable cell phone from any sort of damage. Apart from that, your cell phone is going to be fortified from anywhere between 7 to 8 years with Blackberry Tour Skins. That is because the ideal cell phone skins are made of cast vinyl. Not only is the material extremely durable and flexible, but it is also extremely attractive.

In fact, cell phone skin skins are getting to be one of the most of the most favorite of fashion accessories on the World wide web and in the market today. So customize your cell phone, right now, by getting custom made Blackberry Pearl Skins and Blackberry Tour Skins. That can be easily done by going on the World wide web and browsing for websites where you can get a massive variety of cast vinyl Blackberry Pearl Skins and Blackberry Tour Skins. Not only are you going to get an extraordinary range, but you are also going to get custom made and tailor-made Blackberry Tour Skins.

So you do not have to worry anymore about any sort of scratches and dents and dings spoiling the good looks of your Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry tour or Blackberry tour. You have the means at your fingertips in the shape of cast vinyl Blackberry Pearl Skins and Blackberry Tour Skins. So take full advantage of these conserving coverings to protect your cell phone from any sort of damage!

Fixed HP Printer Error Code 0x83C00009

If you’re present to know the “How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x83C00009” information, then keep reading here, it’s going to be interesting, guys, and you’ll learn a lot. So, let’s get into writing and enjoy it. When you get a Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x83C00009, it means your printer doesn’t allow sending or receiving faxes. As a result of the technological malfunction, there is a clear communication problem on the phone queue. You can transmit to various fax numbers if this technical issue has a unique fax number. You may encounter HP error 0x83C00009 fax in your printer machine while faxing with it.

It might be a communication issue. You should use efficient troubleshooting procedures in the right manner before attempting to repair this problem number.

HP Fax Error 0x83C00009 has several major technical reasons:

When the remote device was obtained, the remote person drew the Quit Switch. If the link has been broken, the gadget will not reply to a suitable Fax command. These errors can occur when telephone lines in the region are older or static on the telephone route. Other power-related issues have the potential to sabotage the Fax connection.

Due to unusual circumstances, a disagreement between the devices may cause the remote device to simply refuse the call.

HP Fax Error 0x83C00009: Simplified Troubleshooting Methods

Method 1: Change the connection mode to Error.

Step 1: Select the setup menu from the printing machine’s front panel.

Step 2- Select the Fax Setup menu from the drop-down menu.

Step 3- After that, you may choose the sophisticated Fax setup option.

Step 4- You may appropriately click on “Error connection mode.”

Step5- You may now turn off the error connection mode, indicating that you have properly fixed the problem.

Method 2: Change the Fax Speed

Step 1: Select the set-up option from the printing machine’s front panel.

Step 2- After that, you can select the Fax setup button.

Step 3- After that, you may choose the sophisticated Fax setup option.

Step 4- Now, you must carefully examine the Fax speed.

Step5- You may change the Fax speed to 9600bps and set it to slow.

Your HP Fax error 0x83C00009 will be simply addressed by adjusting the fax speed.

Method 3: Make an attempt to reconnect.

Step 1-As soon as the phone line improves, you can try to re-establish your Fax receiving connection.

Step 2- If the line does not improve, you must contact your telephone service provider.

Step 3- The telephone operator aids in the proper improvement of the connection.

Method 4: Correctly configure the LAN settings

Step 1: To fix the issue, go to the control panel and open it.

Step 2- To complete the procedure, go to Network> Internet and then Internet settings.

Step 3- Select the connections you want to use and click the “LAN settings” button.

Step 4- Ensure that the settings are automatically identified and that no configuration scripts are shown.

Step5: After clicking the “Ok” button, you may reload the website.

Step6- If your LAN settings aren’t an issue, but you still see this error, go to the following step.

Method #5: Ensure that the printer driver is up to date.

Step 1: Select Windows or the Starter Menu.

Step 2- Type device manager into the search bar.

Step 3- You may select a search result by clicking on the button.

Step 4- On the management window, you can identify and select various devices.

Step5- Right-click on the category button where you want to install the driver and choose it.

Step6: In the newly displayed box, select Update Driver Software and then click Browse.

Step 7: After installing the required drivers, click the “next” button.

Step8- Finally, you can choose to close and reboot your computer to complete the installation process.

By following all these simple steps, you can easily resolve hp 0x83C00009 fax error. However, you can contact our Technical Support staff online for immediate assistance when you encounter this problem code.


The 0x83C00009 HP fax error is a complicated situation that irritated the consumer. By carefully following these instructions, you can delete this error code. These methods will help you solve this problem code correctly. For immediate assistance, you can also contact HP Support.

Why Should Windows Be Preferred Over Mac?

Well, choosing one over the other wouldn’t be an easy task, but both have certain benefits. The cost-efficient and easier access to Windows computers. This is much preferred by many users. The Mac OS has instead access of GarageBand and iMovie to powerful free applications. In that case, you may convert Mac files to Windows so you can have access to all features of the Windows OS if you are using a Mac operating system and cannot access some Windows features. But here, we will discuss why you consider Windows over Mac. Well, the list is too long, so we have discussed some of them in the further section of this blog. 

Reasons why you should consider Windows over Mac 

Here are some of the reasons why the operating system is better for Windows compared to Mac. This is why you can make a good choice between Windows on Mac. 

  • Windows Has More Games With Enhanced Performance:- 

Online games can be played at no cost, and more controller options on a Windows PC than on a Mac are also available. The best part of the feature is that you can enjoy the best possible graphics while playing the games on Windows.

In addition, games can work on Mac easily, but on Windows PC, they can work smoother. Actually, you will see a change in their experience when you have Windows installed on your macOS to operate the game seamlessly and do not change any hardware. Windows is therefore preferred to play more games than Mac.

  • • Application in MacOS doesn’t work:-

PC games are not just Windows-compatible software, but also multiple other programmed not supporting MacOS. Some applications, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop, are used in both operating systems. Besides, Windows only works for several other applications. Then you can convert Mac to Windows if you are a Mac user and wish to make use of Windows features.

  • Pricing:- 

There is no denying the fact that Mac is also the most preferred operating system as its hardware is hard to beat. But when it comes to pricing, MacOS is quite expensive than the Windows OS. Windows PCs are less expensive and easy to afford as it fits best as per the customers’ budget. 

Winding Up!

Hopefully, we can assure you that the above reasons would have shown your confusion as to why Windows is better than Mac. You can also convert QuickBooks Mac to Windows in case you are using MacOS, because some features do not work in MacOS. If you are using MacOS, you can However, please feel free to contact our experts if you have further questions.

Benefits of Broadband Internet

In this article I am going to talk about Benefits of Broadband Internet. As We are all aware of the internet potential. If you’re starting a business, the internet can be a valuable resource. You can also be its biggest enemy. If we talk about internet, there are two quotes that should be remembered.

“You can’t take anything from the Internet,” the first says, comparing it to drinking from a pool. (The writer’s identity remains unknown.) “Online information is subject to the same constraints and rules as pub discussion,” says the second (George Lundberg).

It is, nevertheless, equally crucial to listen to what every has to say about your business. Customers, vendors, and everyone else who interacts with your service fall under this category. The internet can be used to exploit someone’s hatred for your company or you. It’s critical to keep an eye on what’s going on the internet.

High speed broadband Internet connection

A high-speed broadband Internet connection is required to access the World Wide Web. This is a replacement for standard dial-up access methods. Hrs. Because the web server is many, many times larger than many others, you will not have to wait for easy downloads or be unavailable. There’s no need to wait for a dial-up connection because it’s constantly on. It takes a long time to download and install music, videos, and large documents that are used. With broadband, everything will be faster and easier.

Employees are not required to travel to other sites in order to attend meetings.

Employees can connect to internet meetings using the power of broadband. This allows businesses to save money on travel. Today’s services can help people save time and money that would otherwise be spent on things like travel, hotel stays, meals, and rental automobiles. It is feasible to increase employee productivity by establishing an internal broadband internet network that allows employees to connect with one another.

Because of the widespread availability of high-speed Internet, a new breed of work-at-home workers has emerged.

They can earn a living by working from home, maintaining blogs and websites, or telecommuting to work part-time as freelancers.

The federal government, schools, and the media have all exploited it for various purposes.

It is used by educational institutions to connect students who are physically unable to attend class.

Why should you put up with slow, out-of-date dialup internet access any longer?

Broadband Internet connects you to the rest of the world and empowers you to improve your life.


Broadband Internet allows you to communicate with people all around the world. By establishing an internal broadband internet network, it is feasible to increase staff productivity. Instead of traditional dial-up access, the World Wide Web uses a fast broadband Internet connection, which saves money and time.

Atx motherboard

The ATX motherboard standard is the subject of this article. Each motherboard size is introduced, such as e-atx (extended ATX), miniatx, xl-atx, and so on. The brain of a personal computer, consisting of a complicated electronic circuit board and motherboard. There are various different types of motherboards, each with its own size.

People who buy pre-built PCs may not be aware of this, but those who build their own PCs should be aware of the motherboard standard. Let me begin by introducing you to ATX, the most widely used standard.

What is the ATX Motherboard Standard?

What is the ATX Motherboard Standard?

One of the architectural standards for personal computers is ATX. ATX stands for Advanced Technology extended.

Intel developed and announced it in 1995 as a single motherboard standard.

The form factor is a structural specification for computer components.

By providing a standardized form factor, parts can be replaced.

Among these form factors, the one that has been used for a long time is the shape standard of the motherboard.

And ATX is the mainstream form factor for motherboards.

A motherboard that meets the standards is used for the PC case, which is the main body of the PC.

ATX has a maximum vertical size of 244 mm and a maximum horizontal size of 305 mm.
It is mainly used for large PCs such as full towers and middle towers, and also supports mid-range to high-performance high-end models.

With high support from gaming PC users, ATX can be said to be the standard for motherboards.

There are up to 7 expansion slots, and 4 to 8 memory slots are attractive for high expandability.

A large graphic board can be mounted, many SATA terminals are also mounted, functions such as a CPU power supply circuit that supports high loads are also mounted, and there are various good points due to the large area.

What is the Micro-ATX motherboard standard?

What is the Micro-ATX motherboard standard?

Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX are also popular and widely distributed form factors like ATX.

Let’s start with Micro-ATX.

Micro-ATX is a tiny version of ATX, measuring up to 244mm x 244mm. Consider a rectangle ATX to be the same size as a square.

As a relatively small PC motherboard, it is often used in space-saving desktops and mini towers.

Many home-built PCs have excellent cost performance, and can be said to be mainly for the middle range. It is also suitable for the first time you try to make your own.

The maximum number of expansion slots is 4, and the number of memory slots is 2-4, which is about half the expandability of ATX motherboards.

Although it is a balance with the case size, the size of the motherboard is smaller than ATX, but a large graphic board can also be mounted.

Micro-ATX Motherboard List

What is the Mini-ITX motherboard standard?

What is the Mini-ITX motherboard standard?

Next, 170mm x 170mm size Mini-ITX.
It is the smallest of the three mainstream standards.
A form factor developed by a Taiwanese company, the series also includes smaller Nano-ITX and Pico-ITX.
Mini-ITX was designed for use in embedded systems.
Therefore, the expansion slot is one and the expand ability is low, and it is suitable for ultra-small personal computers.
Recently, the number of companies selling Mini-ITX size motherboards has increased, and the performance of parts has improved, making it possible to create high-performance BTO personal computers and home-built personal computers.
Therefore, it is attracting attention not only as a low-cost sub-machine but also for various purposes such as creating ultra-small game machines.

Mini-ITX Motherboard List

In addition, personal computers made by major manufacturers tend to develop their own motherboards based on these mainstream motherboards such as ATX.

Support between Intel CPU motherboards and AMD CPU motherboards

To replace the CPU, it is necessary to support the chipset and socket mounted on the motherboard.
Chipsets are manufactured as a set by Intel and AMD, which are companies that design and manufacture CPUs.
The socket refers to the shape (number of pins) that connects the CPU and the motherboard, and is largely determined by the chipset.
Chipsets and sockets have the same combination except for some special motherboards.
Therefore, it is possible to search for a compatible CPU from the chipset (socket) of the PC to be replaced.

The following table shows the links of the corresponding CPU sockets and compatible motherboards.
Please check it out.

Please check it out.

socketMain supported CPUTower compatibleMini tower compatibleSlim compatible
LGA 2066
(Cascade Lake)Core i9 10920X etc.
LGA 1200
(Rocket Lake)Core i7 11700K etc.
LGA 1200
(Comet Lake)Core i7-10700K etc.
LGA 1151
(Coffee Lake)Core i7-9700 etc.
LGA 1151
(Kaby Lake / Skylake)Core i7-7700, 6700, etc.
LGA 1150
(Broadwell / Haswell)Core i7-5775C, 4770, etc.
socket Main supported CPUTower compatibleMini tower compatibleSlim compatible
Socket sWRX8
(Ryzen Threadripper)
Socket AM4
Introducing Intel CPUs and AMD CPUs that support motherboard sockets

Here are some of the links to the list page of Intel CPUs and AMD CPUs that correspond to the CPU sockets of each motherboard.
You may want to consider purchasing or replacing the motherboard and CPU as a set.

LGA 2066 (Cascade Lake) CPU list

LGA1200 (Rocket Lake) CPU list

LGA1200 (Comet Lake) CPU list

Socket sWRX8 (Ryzen Threadripper) CPU list

Socket AM4 (Ryzen) CPU list

What are motherboard standards such as “Flex-ATX”, “Extended-ATX” and “XL-ATX”?

There are also other form factors that are considered minor standards.
Flex-ATX is a smaller standard of Micro-ATX.
The board size is 244 mm x 191 mm, and it is used for cube-type and bookshelf-type space-saving personal computers.
Although products that use FlexATX are shipped mainly by manufacturers, it cannot be said that the slimming of the case is prioritized and the specifications are being standardized.
It’s useful in environments where space savings are essential, but it’s less extensible.

On the contrary, there is also a standard that increases the size of ATX.
Extended-ATX has a large board size of 305 mm x 330 mm, has a large memory capacity, and has plenty of slots.
It is used for gamers and workstations rather than for general personal computers, and is also used for multiprocessor servers with many mounting parts.

The size of XL-ATX is 325mm x 244mm, which is a standard that stretches ATX horizontally.
XL-ATX compatible motherboards are equipped with 7 PCI Express x16 expansion slots, and some models support up to 4 Way SLI / CrossFireX, which is configured to support powerful multi-GPU.

Motherboard standard size comparison

Based on the contents so far, the comparison of the standard size (size) of each motherboard is summarized in the table.

 Size (size)
ATX motherboard244 mm x 305 mm
Micro-ATX motherboard244 mm x 244 mm
Mini-ITX motherboard170mm x 170mm
Flex-ATX Motherboard244 mm x 191 mm
Extended-ATX Motherboard305 mm x 330 mm
XL-ATX motherboard325 mm x 244 mm


Each standard specifies the dimensions of the motherboard and the maximum CPU that can be supported. “ATX,” “Micro-ATX,” and “Mini-ITX” are the most common form factors for home-built computers.

It will be a compromise with the size of the PC case, but it is a good idea to think about and choose it carefully while considering the configuration of the CPU and graphics board you want to use.


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