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Word Counter And Character Counter Script 2021

Today I will tell you another useful blogger script or tool name word counter and character script. Hello My Dear Friends, this is your host Hamza Ali here and Today I Will Share With You another Website Script For Blogger That is Word Counter and Character Counter Script.

What is Word Counter And Character Counter

What is Word Counter and Character Counter Script basically this is a free tool to Help You to Count Your Words and Character which you write for your website and blog. This is a unique word counter and character script for bloggers and Low Competition Website Idea To Make Money Online. If You go to Check the “” then you can check out the worth of this site The Website is making 1000$ of Dollars Per Month. So I Can Tell You Please Make at least one Try and Use.

You can also build your own word counter and character script-based website and Do SEO To Rank Your Website Faster On Google Search.

If You have Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript So You can easily edit this Word Counter & Character Counter Script for Blogger Because This Script is using Many Peoples so it is Hard To Get Adsense Approval on Your Website Which purpose You Can Make using Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger.

NOTE: Use Word Counter and Character Counter Script in Your Own risk ChoiceI Will Not Suggest you Do It and If you rank Your Website You Don’t Give Me Your Win Money. If You realized That The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For bloggers is Too Difficult To Rank then You can Check Out My Other Low Competition Tool Website Script That is Easy to Rank and You Can make Easily $100 to 200 a Month Without Doing any Hard Work.

Feature of Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger are:

1: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger Is Ads Ready.

2: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger Is SEO Ready.

3: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger Is SEO Friendly.

4: You Write Your Own Content About 3000-5000 Words to Take Adsense Approved.

5: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger is Easy To Install on Blogger.

6: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger is Lite Weight.

7: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger is Quickly Open With Low Internet Connection.

Copy Your Code:

Copy Your Code:

 <!DOCTYPE html>  
 <title>Advance Word Counter Tool Online</title>  
   <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">  
      <meta name="description" content="Website word counter, Word count in Word, Word counter for books, Word frequency counter, Character counter, Word count Google Docs, SEO word counter, Word counter camera"/>  
      <meta name="robots" content="index,follow" />  
      <meta name="keywords" content="Website word counter, Word count in Word, Word counter for books, Word frequency counter, Character counter, Word count Google Docs, SEO word counter, Word counter camera" />  
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">  
       <link href='' rel='canonical'/>  
       <link rel="stylesheet" href="">  
  <script src=""></script>  
  <script src=""></script>  
  <script src=""></script>  
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">  
  <link rel="icon" href="favicon.png" sizes="16x16" type="image/png">  
  /* border box */  
 html {  
  box-sizing: border-box;  
  -webkit-user-select: none;  
  /* Chrome all / Safari all */  
  -moz-user-select: none;  
  /* Firefox all */  
  -ms-user-select: none;  
  /* IE 10+ */  
  user-select: none;  
  /* Likely future */  
 *:after {  
  box-sizing: inherit;  
 b {  
  font-weight: bold;  
 /* main app styles */  
 body {  
  width: 700px;  
  margin: 0 auto;  
  background-color: #FAFAFA;  
  font-family: 'Source Sans Pro', sans-serif;  
  color: #111;  
 .container {  
  margin: 2% auto;  
  padding: 15px;  
  background-color: #FFFFFF;  
  -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 1px 4px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);  
  box-shadow: 0px 1px 4px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);  
 h1 {  
  font-size: 3rem;  
  font-weight: 900;  
  text-align: center;  
  margin: 1% 0 3%;  
 textarea {  
  width: 100%;  
  height: 250px;  
  padding: 10px;  
  border: 1px solid #d9d9d9;  
  outline: none;  
  font-size: 1rem;  
  resize: none;  
  line-height: 1.5rem;  
 textarea:hover {  
  border-color: #C0C0C0;  
 textarea:focus {  
  border-color: #4D90FE;  
 .output.row {  
  width: 100%;  
  border: 1px solid #DDD;  
  font-size: 1.4rem;  
  margin: 1% 0;  
  background-color: #F9F9F9;  
 .output.row div {  
  display: inline-block;  
  width: 42%;  
  padding: 10px 15px;  
  margin: 1%;  
 .output.row span {  
  font-weight: bold;  
  font-size: 1.5rem;  
 #readability {  
  width: 52%;  
  font-weight: bold;  
 #readability:hover {  
  background-color: #4D90FE;  
  color: #FFF;  
  border-radius: 2px;  
  cursor: pointer;  
 #readability:active {  
  background-color: #307AF3;  
 .keywords {  
  display: none;  
  margin: 4% 0 0;  
  font-size: 2rem;  
  font-weight: 900;  
 .keywords ul {  
  font-weight: 400;  
  border: 1px solid #DDD;  
  font-size: 1.4rem;  
  background-color: #F9F9F9;  
  margin: 2% 0;  
 .keywords li {  
  display: inline-block;  
  width: 44%;  
  padding: 10px;  
  margin: 1%;  
 ** Making it responsive  
 @media (max-width: 750px) {  
  body {  
   width: 600px;  
  .output.row {  
   font-size: 1.2rem;  
  .output.row span {  
   font-size: 1.3rem;  
  .keywords ul {  
   font-size: 1.2rem;  
 @media (max-width: 600px) {  
  /* rewriting old styles */  
  body {  
   width: 95%;  
  .output.row {  
   border: none;  
   background-color: #FFF;  
  .output.row div {  
   display: block;  
   width: 100%;  
   padding: 10px 15px;  
   margin: 2% auto;  
   border: 1px solid #DDD;  
   font-size: 1.8rem;  
   background-color: #F9F9F9;  
  .output.row span {  
   font-size: 2rem;  
  #readability {  
   width: 100%;  
   font-size: 1.6rem;  
   font-weight: 400;  
  .keywords {  
   margin: 10% auto;  
  .keywords ul {  
   font-weight: 400;  
   border: none;  
   font-size: 1.8rem;  
   background-color: #F9F9F9;  
   margin: 5% 0;  
  .keywords li {  
   display: block;  
   width: 100%;  
   padding: 10px;  
   margin: 2% auto;  
   border: 1px solid #DDD;  
 .ads {   
   margin: auto;  
   padding: 60px 0;   
   max-width: 640px;    
   box-shadow: 0 5px 15px rgba(0,0,0,.16);   
   border-radius: 5px;   
   margin-top: 1em;   
   background: #fff;   
   text-align: left;   
 <body style="background:#f20c4d;">  
 <div class="container">  
  <h1>Word Counter</h1>  
  <textarea placeholder="Enter your text here..."></textarea>  
  <div class="ads container">   
      Place Your Ad Code     
  <div class="output row">  
   <div>Characters: <span id="characterCount">0</span></div>  
   <div>Words: <span id="wordCount">0</span></div>  
  <div class="output row">  
   <div>Sentences: <span id="sentenceCount">0</span></div>  
   <div>Paragraphs: <span id="paragraphCount">0</span></div>  
  <div class="output row">  
   <div>Reading Time: <span id="readingTime">0</span></div>  
   <div id="readability">Show readability score.</div>  
  <div class="keywords">  
   Top keywords:  
   <ul id="topKeywords">  
  ** User stories:  
  ** - Shows number of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs - Done  
  ** - Show reading time - Done  
  ** - Show keyword count - Done  
  ** - Show reading level (Optional - how?) - Done  
  ** - Above data should change/appear on every keypress - Done  
 // Readability (Mashape) API Key for testing: PQ4FOFuaR6mshI6qpnQKQvkDZQXjp1o6Zcqjsnug7GvNggTzUE  
 "use strict";  
 var input = document.querySelectorAll('textarea')[0],  
  characterCount = document.querySelector('#characterCount'),  
  wordCount = document.querySelector('#wordCount'),  
  sentenceCount = document.querySelector('#sentenceCount'),  
  paragraphCount = document.querySelector('#paragraphCount'),  
  readingTime = document.querySelector('#readingTime'),  
  readability = document.querySelector('#readability'),  
  keywordsDiv = document.querySelectorAll('.keywords')[0],  
  topKeywords = document.querySelector('#topKeywords');  
 // updating the displayed stats after every keypress  
 input.addEventListener('keyup', function() {  
  //keeping the console clean to make only the latest data visible  
  // character count  
  // just displaying the input length as everything is a character  
  characterCount.innerHTML = input.value.length;  
  // word count using \w metacharacter - replacing this with .* to match anything between word boundaries since it was not taking 'a' as a word.  
  // this is a masterstroke - to count words with any number of hyphens as one word  
  // [-?(\w+)?]+ looks for hyphen and a word (we make both optional with ?). + at the end makes it a repeated pattern  
  // \b is word boundary metacharacter  
  var words = input.value.match(/\b[-?(\w+)?]+\b/gi);  
  // console.log(words);  
  if (words) {  
   wordCount.innerHTML = words.length;  
  } else {  
   wordCount.innerHTML = 0;  
  // sentence count     using ./!/? as sentense separators  
  if (words) {  
   var sentences = input.value.split(/[.|!|?]+/g);  
   sentenceCount.innerHTML = sentences.length - 1;  
  } else {  
   sentenceCount.innerHTML = 0;  
  // paragraph count from  
  if (words) {  
   // \n$ takes care of empty lines: lines with no characters, and only \n are not paragraphs  
   // and need to be replaced with empty string  
   var paragraphs = input.value.replace(/\n$/gm, '').split(/\n/);  
   paragraphCount.innerHTML = paragraphs.length;  
  } else {  
   paragraphCount.innerHTML = 0;  
  // console.log(paragraphs);  
  // reading time based on 275 words/minute  
  if (words) {  
   var seconds = Math.floor(words.length * 60 / 275);  
   // need to convert seconds to minutes and hours  
   if (seconds > 59) {  
    var minutes = Math.floor(seconds / 60);  
    seconds = seconds - minutes * 60;  
    readingTime.innerHTML = minutes + "m " + seconds + "s";  
   } else {  
    readingTime.innerHTML = seconds + "s";  
  } else {  
   readingTime.innerHTML = "0s";  
  // finding out top keywords and their count  
  // step-1: remove all the stop words  
  // step-2: form an object with keywords and their count  
  // step-3: sort the object by first converting it to a 2D array  
  // step-4: display top 4 keywords and their count  
  if (words) {  
   // step-1: removing all the stop words  
   var nonStopWords = [];  
   var stopWords = ["a", "able", "about", "above", "abst", "accordance", "according", "accordingly", "across", "act", "actually", "added", "adj", "affected", "affecting", "affects", "after", "afterwards", "again", "against", "ah", "all", "almost", "alone", "along", "already", "also", "although", "always", "am", "among", "amongst", "an", "and", "announce", "another", "any", "anybody", "anyhow", "anymore", "anyone", "anything", "anyway", "anyways", "anywhere", "apparently", "approximately", "are", "aren", "arent", "arise", "around", "as", "aside", "ask", "asking", "at", "auth", "available", "away", "awfully", "b", "back", "be", "became", "because", "become", "becomes", "becoming", "been", "before", "beforehand", "begin", "beginning", "beginnings", "begins", "behind", "being", "believe", "below", "beside", "besides", "between", "beyond", "biol", "both", "brief", "briefly", "but", "by", "c", "ca", "came", "can", "cannot", "can't", "cause", "causes", "certain", "certainly", "co", "com", "come", "comes", "contain", "containing", "contains", "could", "couldnt", "d", "date", "did", "didn't", "different", "do", "does", "doesn't", "doing", "done", "don't", "down", "downwards", "due", "during", "e", "each", "ed", "edu", "effect", "eg", "eight", "eighty", "either", "else", "elsewhere", "end", "ending", "enough", "especially", "et", "et-al", "etc", "even", "ever", "every", "everybody", "everyone", "everything", "everywhere", "ex", "except", "f", "far", "few", "ff", "fifth", "first", "five", "fix", "followed", "following", "follows", "for", "former", "formerly", "forth", "found", "four", "from", "further", "furthermore", "g", "gave", "get", "gets", "getting", "give", "given", "gives", "giving", "go", "goes", "gone", "got", "gotten", "h", "had", "happens", "hardly", "has", "hasn't", "have", "haven't", "having", "he", "hed", "hence", "her", "here", "hereafter", "hereby", "herein", "heres", "hereupon", "hers", "herself", "hes", "hi", "hid", "him", "himself", "his", "hither", "home", "how", "howbeit", "however", "hundred", "i", "id", "ie", "if", "i'll", "im", "immediate", "immediately", "importance", "important", "in", "inc", "indeed", "index", "information", "instead", "into", "invention", "inward", "is", "isn't", "it", "itd", "it'll", "its", "itself", "i've", "j", "just", "k", "keep", "keeps", "kept", "kg", "km", "know", "known", "knows", "l", "largely", "last", "lately", "later", "latter", "latterly", "least", "less", "lest", "let", "lets", "like", "liked", "likely", "line", "little", "'ll", "look", "looking", "looks", "ltd", "m", "made", "mainly", "make", "makes", "many", "may", "maybe", "me", "mean", "means", "meantime", "meanwhile", "merely", "mg", "might", "million", "miss", "ml", "more", "moreover", "most", "mostly", "mr", "mrs", "much", "mug", "must", "my", "myself", "n", "na", "name", "namely", "nay", "nd", "near", "nearly", "necessarily", "necessary", "need", "needs", "neither", "never", "nevertheless", "new", "next", "nine", "ninety", "no", "nobody", "non", "none", "nonetheless", "noone", "nor", "normally", "nos", "not", "noted", "nothing", "now", "nowhere", "o", "obtain", "obtained", "obviously", "of", "off", "often", "oh", "ok", "okay", "old", "omitted", "on", "once", "one", "ones", "only", "onto", "or", "ord", "other", "others", "otherwise", "ought", "our", "ours", "ourselves", "out", "outside", "over", "overall", "owing", "own", "p", "page", "pages", "part", "particular", "particularly", "past", "per", "perhaps", "placed", "please", "plus", "poorly", "possible", "possibly", "potentially", "pp", "predominantly", "present", "previously", "primarily", "probably", "promptly", "proud", "provides", "put", "q", "que", "quickly", "quite", "qv", "r", "ran", "rather", "rd", "re", "readily", "really", "recent", "recently", "ref", "refs", "regarding", "regardless", "regards", "related", "relatively", "research", "respectively", "resulted", "resulting", "results", "right", "run", "s", "said", "same", "saw", "say", "saying", "says", "sec", "section", "see", "seeing", "seem", "seemed", "seeming", "seems", "seen", "self", "selves", "sent", "seven", "several", "shall", "she", "shed", "she'll", "shes", "should", "shouldn't", "show", "showed", "shown", "showns", "shows", "significant", "significantly", "similar", "similarly", "since", "six", "slightly", "so", "some", "somebody", "somehow", "someone", "somethan", "something", "sometime", "sometimes", "somewhat", "somewhere", "soon", "sorry", "specifically", "specified", "specify", "specifying", "still", "stop", "strongly", "sub", "substantially", "successfully", "such", "sufficiently", "suggest", "sup", "sure", "t", "take", "taken", "taking", "tell", "tends", "th", "than", "thank", "thanks", "thanx", "that", "that'll", "thats", "that've", "the", "their", "theirs", "them", "themselves", "then", "thence", "there", "thereafter", "thereby", "thered", "therefore", "therein", "there'll", "thereof", "therere", "theres", "thereto", "thereupon", "there've", "these", "they", "theyd", "they'll", "theyre", "they've", "think", "this", "those", "thou", "though", "thoughh", "thousand", "throug", "through", "throughout", "thru", "thus", "til", "tip", "to", "together", "too", "took", "toward", "towards", "tried", "tries", "truly", "try", "trying", "ts", "twice", "two", "u", "un", "under", "unfortunately", "unless", "unlike", "unlikely", "until", "unto", "up", "upon", "ups", "us", "use", "used", "useful", "usefully", "usefulness", "uses", "using", "usually", "v", "value", "various", "'ve", "very", "via", "viz", "vol", "vols", "vs", "w", "want", "wants", "was", "wasn't", "way", "we", "wed", "welcome", "we'll", "went", "were", "weren't", "we've", "what", "whatever", "what'll", "whats", "when", "whence", "whenever", "where", "whereafter", "whereas", "whereby", "wherein", "wheres", "whereupon", "wherever", "whether", "which", "while", "whim", "whither", "who", "whod", "whoever", "whole", "who'll", "whom", "whomever", "whos", "whose", "why", "widely", "willing", "wish", "with", "within", "without", "won't", "words", "world", "would", "wouldn't", "www", "x", "y", "yes", "yet", "you", "youd", "you'll", "your", "youre", "yours", "yourself", "yourselves", "you've", "z", "zero"];  
   for (var i = 0; i < words.length; i++) {  
    // filtering out stop words and numbers  
    if (stopWords.indexOf(words[i].toLowerCase()) === -1 && isNaN(words[i])) {  
   // console.log(nonStopWords);  
   // step-2: forming an object with keywords and their count  
   var keywords = {};  
   for (var i = 0; i < nonStopWords.length; i++) {  
    // checking if the word(property) already exists  
    // if it does increment the count otherwise set it to one  
    if (nonStopWords[i] in keywords) {  
     keywords[nonStopWords[i]] += 1;  
    } else {  
     keywords[nonStopWords[i]] = 1;  
   // step-3: sorting the object by first converting it to a 2D array  
   var sortedKeywords = [];  
   for (var keyword in keywords) {  
    sortedKeywords.push([keyword, keywords[keyword]])  
   sortedKeywords.sort(function(a, b) {  
    return b[1] - a[1]  
   // console.log(sortedKeywords);  
   // step-4: displaying top 4 keywords and their count  
   topKeywords.innerHTML = "";  
   for (var i = 0; i < sortedKeywords.length && i < 4; i++) {  
    var li = document.createElement('li');  
    li.innerHTML = "<b>" + sortedKeywords[i][0] + "</b>: " + sortedKeywords[i][1];  
  // displaying top keywords only if there is a word in the text area  
  if (words) { = "block";  
  } else { = "none";  
 // readability level using readability-metrics API from Mashape  
 readability.addEventListener('click', function() {  
  // placeholder until the API returns the score   
  readability.innerHTML = "Fetching score...";  
  var requestUrl = "";  
  var data = input.value;  
  var request = new XMLHttpRequest();'POST', encodeURI(requestUrl + data), true);  
  request.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8');  
  request.setRequestHeader("X-Mashape-Authorization", "PQ4FOFuaR6mshI6qpnQKQvkDZQXjp1o6Zcqjsnug7GvNggTzUE");  
  request.onload = function() {  
   if (this.status >= 200 && this.status < 400) {  
    // Success!  
    readability.innerHTML = readingEase(JSON.parse(this.response).FLESCH_READING);  
   } else {  
    // We reached our target server, but it returned an error  
    readability.innerHTML = "Not available.";  
  request.onerror = function() {  
   // There was a connection error of some sort  
   readability.innerHTML = "Not available.";  
 // function to convert FLESCH READING SCORE into meaningful string.  
 function readingEase(num) {  
  switch (true) {  
   case (num <= 30):  
    return "Readability: College graduate.";  
   case (num > 30 && num <= 50):  
    return "Readability: College level.";  
   case (num > 50 && num <= 60):  
    return "Readability: 10th - 12th grade.";  
   case (num > 60 && num <= 70):  
    return "Readability: 8th - 9th grade.";  
   case (num > 70 && num <= 80):  
    return "Readability: 7th grade.";  
   case (num > 80 && num <= 90):  
    return "Readability: 6th grade.";  
   case (num > 90 && num <= 100):  
    return "Readability: 5th grade.";  
    return "Not available.";  

Image Comparison Slider Script Code-Make Money Online

Hey, this is your mentor Hamza Ali here, today I am going to share with you Image Comparison Slider Script for Blogger and WordPress (HTML+CSS+JavaScript) code. The question is what is the image comparison slider script answer is this is a website tool or script. For example, if you want to image comparison for your website then you can use this tool. The great thing about this tool is that it’s free to use or anyone can easily use this image comparison slider script.

By using this Free Image Comparison Slider script on your blog or website, you can make your website even more attractive and profitable.

Before After Image Comparison Slider

If you are a professional web designer, then you would be known about this before after image slider features. In this SCRIPT you have to comparison by sliding 2 images together.

If you want to use this image comparison tool, then many different plugins are available for WordPress. You can add any plugin with the help of which you can easily create an Image Comparison Slider in WordPress. But if you do not want to use a plugin, then you can also create one using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

ICM HTML Script for Blogger and WordPress JavaScript.

Or if you want to add to this before and after image slider script in the blogger blog So it’s possible now. For this, you have to provide Image Comparison Slider HTML JavaScript CSS Script. You just have to use the below code.

Note – 1.png and 2.png would be replaced with two different image URLs.

How to add blogger

Open your blogger dashboard and create a new blog Like blog URL and then add any title or save the changes it will redirect to you your main dashboard of imagecomparisonsliderscript blog. After that open the theme option and

Copy Your Code:

 :root {  
  --slider-width: 50rem;  
  --slider-height: 30rem;  
 .compare {  
  position: relative;  
  height: var(--slider-height);  
  width: var(--slider-width);  
 .compare__image {  
  position: absolute;  
  height: var(--slider-height);  
  width: var(--slider-width);  
  border-radius: 0.4rem;  
  overflow: hidden;  
  user-select: none;  
  pointer-events: none;  
 .compare__image img {  
  height: var(--slider-height);  
  width: var(--slider-width);  
  object-fit: cover;  
 .compare__slider {  
  position: absolute;  
  z-index: 1;  
  width: 3.6rem;  
  height: 3.6rem;  
  background: #121212;  
  border: 0.1rem solid rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.1);  
  box-shadow: 0 0.2rem 0.8rem rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8);  
  border-radius: 50%;  
  cursor: grab;  
  transition: border-color 0.2s;  
 .compare__slider:active {  
  border: 0.1rem solid rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3);  
  cursor: grabbing;  
 <div class="compare">  
  <div class="compare__image">  
   <img src="1.png">  
  <div class="compare__image compare__overlay">  
   <img src="2.png">  
 let isClicked = false;  
 const image = document.querySelector(".compare__overlay");  
 const width = image.offsetWidth;  
 const height = image.offsetHeight;  
 const slider = document.createElement("div");  
 function compare() {  
  image.parentElement.insertBefore(slider, image);  
  slider.classList.add("compare__slider"); = height / 2 - slider.offsetHeight / 2 + "px"; = width / 2 - slider.offsetWidth / 2 + "px"; = "50%";  
  slider.addEventListener("mousedown", onSlideStart);  
  slider.addEventListener("touchstart", onSlideStart);  
  window.addEventListener("mouseup", () => (isClicked = false));  
  window.addEventListener("touchstop", () => (isClicked = false));  
  window.addEventListener("mousemove", onSlideMove);  
  window.addEventListener("touchmove", onSlideMove);  
 function onSlideStart(event) {  
  isClicked = true;  
 function onSlideMove(event) {  
  if (!isClicked) return;  
 function currentPosition(event = window.event) {  
  let xImage = image.getBoundingClientRect();  
  let x = 0;  
  x = event.pageX - xImage.left;  
  if (x < 0) x = 0;  
  if (x > width) x = width;  
  return x;  
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Top 8 Best Application Letter For Job In English

Today I am going to share with you top 5 best application letter for job in English. If you are also searching on google to find the best application JOB letter then you are write place.

An employment form letter is typically the initial step to start the employment form measure.

This makes it the most crucial step towards bagging your dream job.

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Take cues from these job application letter samples to get the word out.

Job Application Format | How To Write a Job Application Letter, Samples, Format

In English, the following is the format for a job application: The first stage in the job application process is usually to write a job application letter. When applying for jobs, a job application letter, also known as a cover letter, should be mailed or uploaded with your CV. While your resume provides a summary of your work experience and achievements, the job application letter you send to an employer explains why you are qualified for the position and should be invited for an interview. Continue reading to learn more about Job Application Format for Teachers and New Graduates.

Thorough explanation of how to send / mail! -How to make a cover page

A resume envelope that you only write when you get a job or change jobs. Many people may be confused about how to select and write envelopes after it is time to be selected. That’s where this page comes in. If you read this, the doubts when mailing the application documents will be solved perfectly. You can find out a wide range of points to note when mailing your resume, such as whether the size and color of the envelope are fixed, where to write the address and address, and what is the best title depending on the address. Since you will be selected by the company you want, you want to give the impression that you can follow proper etiquette. We hope that what is written on this page will be of some help to your job hunting and job hunting activities.


 Write properly from the name of the prefecture, such as Tokyo or Hokkaido.

 Do not omit "chome" and "address". Writing such as "△-△△-△△△ room" is NG.

 Write the address and company name of the destination on the front side, and write your own address and name on the back side.

Company name Write “Co., Ltd.” instead of “Co., Ltd.”

” In the center of the envelope, write the name of the department or person in charge of the delivery.

Writing a cover letter for a job application

Unless such job posting specifically indicates that you are not required to send an application or cover letter, you must.
If the firm does not request an application, however, it is never a bad idea to include one.

Once your company requests that you send a letter, be sure you fully comprehend the instructions.

When addressing letters, use the standard business letter format.

At the top, provide your contact information, the date, and the contact information for your employer.

Make a point of saying hello first and signing last.

Concentrate on how you would benefit the firm throughout the message. Give specific examples of times when you demonstrated talents or qualities that are relevant to the position, especially those specified in the job posting or information.

If possible, include examples of situations where you summed a company’s value.
Numerical values provide tangible evidence of your abilities and achievements.

Job application letter sample – 1

Subject: Job Application for {Assistant Manager – Supply Chain}

Dear Mr./ Ms./ Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

I am writing to apply for the position of Assistant Manager – Supply Chain at your esteemed firm. I got to know about the job role through a member of your team, {Mr./Mrs. Name, Designation}, who happens to be my neighbor.

I earned my master’s degree in supply chain management from For a year, I worked at Company Name as a Management Trainee. I gained extensive knowledge and expertise in supply chain management in the e-commerce area while working at Company Name. I was also a member of the team in charge of developing and implementing new incoming supply chain processes.

Working at your esteemed e-commerce organization is the dream of every person who wants to make a career in supply chain management. Considering my expertise and skills, I am confident that I will be able to offer value to your company.

Please examine my application for the position.I’ve submitted my résumé and cover letter to the email. Please refer to them for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank You.

Yours sincerely,
{Your Name}
Mob: {Your Contact Number}
Email Id: {Your Email Address)

Job application letter sample – 2

Subject: Application for the Post of {Software Developer}

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

This is regarding your post on {Portal} about a vacancy in your company for the role of Software Developer. Please accept my application for the same.

Here is a brief about myself. I have completed B.Tech in Computer Science from {Institute Name}. I secured {Marks/Grade} in my final exams and passed with {distinction/Percentage}.

During my studies, I participated in various tech fests and also won a gold medal for creating an app from scratch in an inter-university tech competition.

I am able to Acquire the skills necessary to succeed in your fast-paced environment.
Because of the development chances you provide, I’ve always wanted to be a part of your firm.
I respectfully request that you provide me with the opportunity to study and grow in this position at your prestigious firm.

For more information, please see my résumé and cover letter, which are attached to this email.

Thank You.

Yours sincerely,
{Your Name}
Mobile:{Your Contact Number}
Email Id:{Your Email Address)

Subject: Application for the Role of (Name of the position) at XYZ Ltd. JOB TITLE 3

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

This is with reference to your job requirement at for the role of (Name of the position). I really believe that my eligibility and experience make me a perfect nominee for the job.

I finished my (education) from this (Institute Name). I have worked as an Area Sales Manager and Assistant Marketing Manager at {Company Name}. During my work as Area Sales Manager, I conceptualized and completed a Customer Engagement Program that appeared in higher sales. As Assistant Marketing Manager, I served on the planning and execution of a new product launch. With 5 years of experience in B2B sales and marketing, I have an in-depth knowledge of the process. I am sure that I will be the right fit for the job.

I have attached my resume to the email for your reference. Kindly have a look.

I expect to meet you and discuss this opportunity moreover. Thank you for viewing my application for the role.

Best regards,

Name of the applicant
Mobile Number
Email Id:

Job Application Letter Example for Software Developer- 4

Subject: Application for the Post of {Software Developer}

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

This is with respect to your post on (name of the website) about an opening in your company for the position of Software Developer. kindly accept my application for the same.

Here is a concise about myself. I have finished B.Tech in Computer Science from ABC college. I obtained 80% in my final exams and passed with distinction.

During my studies, I joined various tech fests and also gained a gold medal for performing an app from scratch in an inter-university tech competition.

I am sure that I have the ability to excel in your dynamic organization. I have always dreamed of being a member of your company due to the improvement opportunities you present. I request you to provide me an opportunity to study and grow at your esteemed firm through this job role.

kindly refer to my resume and cover letter, attached to the email, for detailed information.

Thank You.

Yours sincerely,
(Name of the candidate)
(Contact number)
(Email address)

Job Application Letter for Teachers – JOB 5

Subject: Format of Job Application for the Role of {English Teacher}

Dear Sir/Madam

{Recipient’s Name},

This is in response to your job posting for an Elementary School teacher in Portal Name.
I’d have to apply for the position.

My interest has always been teaching, and I’ve always been good with kids. I’ve worked at School Name for 5 years as a supervisor. Prior to that, I spent two years teaching grades VI and VII.
My credentials and experience are in line with what you’re looking for.

I’ve included my résumé for your review, and I’d want to express my interest in the position.
Please contact me at the below-mentioned contact information if you believe it appropriate.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the candidate)

(Contact number)

(Email address)

Job application letter sample – 6

Subject: Application for the Post of {Data Analyst}

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

I am {Your Name}, and I would like to apply for the post of {Data Analyst} at your esteemed organization.

I worked at Firm’s Name for three years, where I assisted the marketing team in gaining valuable insights into their consumer base through data research. Data management software such as MS Excel, SAS, and Visualr are familiar to me.

I’ve added my whole resume to your email, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
{Your Name}
Mob: {Your Contact Number}
Email Id: {Your Email Address)

Best Application Letter for Job Vacancy- 7

Subject: Format of Job Application writing for the Role of {English Teacher}

Dear Sir/Madam {Recipient’s Name},

This is with respect to your advertisement published in {Portal Name} with respect to a vacancy for an English Teacher. I would be obliged to apply for the role.

Teaching has always been my passion, and I have always been excellent with students. I have been a Supervisor at {School Name} for 5 years. I have also taught classes VI and VII for 2 years earlier. My qualifications and experience meet your requirements.

I’ve added my whole resume to your email, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
(Name of the candidate)
(Contact number)
(Email address)

Job Application Letter-8

Newyork, 20 may 2011
Subject: Job Application

Dear, Daily Mail Manager

450 W. 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001 New York

With Regards,
Herewith I send an application letter and curriculum vitae in response to your advertisement in the Daily Times, Sunday, 15 May 2011. I have had experience over the past five years as marketing manager of cosmetics and hair care products at. Surya Ayu Cosmetic, Washington. In that position I’m responsible for sales in the Washington area, San Antonio, Denver, Dallas.

I realize that your resume or curriculum vitae that I submit this can not explain my qualifications in depth. Therefore, I really hope there is a chance interview, which I can explain how the potential in me and my ministry will give will be a tremendous asset for PT’s Daily Mail.

White Sampurn

How To Write SEO Friendly Articles

In this article, I will tell you some ideas how to write seo friendly articles. The internet is used all around the world, and it goes without saying that it has become an integral part of our daily life. Digital marketing is also in great demand at a time when the internet is becoming more mainstream. And it’s also true that everyone wants to rank first in the search engines, but do you think it’s easy? This may appear to be a simple question, but it is – How To Write SEO Friendly Articles in their most basic form. How do you go about doing SEO?

Satisfied SEO plugin

Satisfied user

Use the title correctly

Correct keyword selection

The importance of the keyword in SEO

Friendly articles Image

Settings Leaf Links to other blog posts and resources

Frequently asked questions Conclusion

Everyone wants to be at the top of search engines and acquire a competitive advantage. But first, you must comprehend. For this goal, the notion of SEO, sometimes known as “search engine optimization,” is critical. SEO has evolved into a business hub, with everyone, including website owners, taking an interest in it. There are a few things you need to learn and take care of if you want your content to rank first in search engines like GOOGLE. Especially when it comes to the SEO-friendly articles that you will post, which is the main focus of this discussion.

Writing tips for SEO-friendly blog posts

First and first, I’d want to state that I am not an SEO guru.I don’t consider myself to be a novice when it comes to SEO, but link building appears to be the most visible activity at the moment.
I’m not sure whether it’s just me, but I’m finding it quite difficult.

Best SEO Plugin

If you want to get quality articles score, then you need to take a few steps. I would recommend you to used Yoast SEO and the most popular plugin in this field of SEO ALL in one SEO WordPress Plugin For a good article, First you have to install any one of these two plugins on your site. If you can adjust the essential settings, you can open a part of the plugin at the bottom of your posts. This section will ask you to specify keywords. Here you have to play with your title and keyword.

Keep noted that your keyword must match in the title of your article. Search engine always display site title and description in the search results. When your article appears in search results, your page title should be at least 3 words and 30 characters long. Google has updated the maximum number of characters in the description section to 160 character. Your page title must be at least 60 words.

User Satisfaction

The most crucial SEO criteria is that the articles you publish should be between 400 and 600 words long. We can’t assert that search engines appreciate information that’s short and sweet.
However, you do not have to write so lengthy that your content becomes useless and obnoxious as a result of it. Who reads an article with a lot of repeating sentences and feels compelled to add it?

Use Correct Title

Another important necessity for developing an SEO-friendly post is to make effective use of compelling headlines. However, the title you choose should be easily understandable.
Additionally, the words in the page title must include keywords. Google and Yandex, for example, are clever enough to look at the page titles where your article is located. If you properly structure your titles, readers will have an easier time finding the information they seek. And the more attention your headlines receive, the more enjoyable your text will be.

Correct keyword Selection

This is also a main key factor in seo. Having trouble choosing your main targeted keywords? You can take some help of Google AdWords to identify how many words are being searched. Just type “keyword planner” into Google. Remember, the lower your keyword competition, the higher your article will rank in search engines. For example pick 800 to 2000 competitive keywods.

The importance of the keyword in SEO friendly articles

Now Your keyword has been generated.The next step is to transform your term into the article’s featured shape. You can achieve this with various fonts by thickening and boldening your keywords. Let’s think about that for a moment. The goal of search engine optimization is to have your content appear at the top of the search results. What search engines are looking for when it comes to websites that users at the top of the page wish to visit. You’ll be hit by two birds with one stone in this situation, thickening your keyword.

Image settings

It is indisputable that adding appealing graphics can draw users’ attention to any article, causing it to become more popular. If your article is original and fascinating, it is SEO friendly in this instance. Including at least one alt image in your content will raise greater awareness, as well as a few guidelines that must be fulfilled.

Leaf link

As above explanation You used your keyword in the title and description section for search results. Same case here your link should also contain keywords. This is a true reality and important for SEO.

Links to other blog posts and resources

Backlink play a vital role in website ranking. We can say that search engines will definitely love you if you provide links to authoritative and High DA PA trustworthy websites and blogs. For an example, if you link to Wikipedia in your article, your users will realize that your article is effective, they will find what they are looking for, and they will trust you. Search engines will also scan ENTIRE page of your website and create an accurate sitemap.


In this article, We have provided ideas on how to write SEO-friendly articles. In digital media, everything is focused on the user. It will propel you to the top of search engines if you have original articles that help users and pique their attention. Your content will be ideal if you accurately identify and use your keyword. As long as your content satisfies the criteria, reaching the top of this digital competition is not impossible.

Top 10 Tip And Tricks To Look Great On Zoom

Today I’m going to give you my top 10 tips and tricks to make you look great on Zoom camera, and for also, for your students to get the most out of your online teaching experience. So let me take you through each one step by step. My favorite one, the best one, the most important one, is Number 10, so wait ’til the very end of this article so you don’t miss that tip.

Tip Number 1 that I’m going to give you is to find a quiet space. I actually created one of my guest rooms into my home office when I started transitioning to teaching mostly online the past year or so, but really the past three or four months, it’s all been online, as I’m sure many of you out there as well are experiencing right now. So find a quiet space. If you can’t transform a room that you already have, see if you can find a small corner or a nook area, or a space that’s going to be quiet and private, so you don’t have any distractions.   

Another great idea is to tell everybody in your family, “Hey, for the next 30 minutes, I’m going to be recording some videos for my students,” or “I’m going to be spending an hour session on Zoom with my students, so I need utter quiet. Everybody go pop in your earbuds, go in your own separate rooms, because I need this time. “find a space that you have just a desk, just out what you need, and so not only is it quiet in an audible sense, but it creates a quiet sense for you when you’re working so that you can stay focused on your students And on recording, which sometimes gives us some anxiety and stress, so quiet space, quiet mind.

Tip Number 2 is going to be the background of your space. In my home office, I created this awesome shelf from Ikea, extremely inexpensive, and I have all of the things I need, so if I need to reach over and grab something from my class or a textbook, I’ve got them accessible right here if it’s a live class and I need to grab something really quickly.  But you’ll notice that, visually, it’s really simple, it’s really clean. I don’t have a lot of things that distract the student. A lot of black boxes hide everything, and you can create this with almost anything that you have already right now at your house, so really simple background. If you want to use a blank wall or a curtain, anything that you have that’s going to simplify your background, or also something that could just make it more interesting to your students, but remember, keep it simple and keep it minimal. Another great idea that you can do is if you’re using Zoom, to use the virtual background options.  And I did a video on Zoom, I’ll link it up in the cards for you right here, that tells you everything you need to know about Zoom and how to use those virtual backgrounds.

Tip Number 3 is the angle of your computer. Now this one is extremely important. For example, many folks we see teaching classes, we see them pop up, and literally, it looks like this. They’re looking up at an angle, they’re looking up into, eh, yeah. It’s just not the most flattering, and keep in mind, the students are looking at you across the camera, and they’re getting the same up angle for who knows how long that you’re talking to them or whatever you’re recording. The first thing is the angle of your actual camera. Most of us are using our laptop, and we’re using, see, if you’re using a desktop version, it should be fine, but if you’re using a laptop, you want the camera angle to be flat. So keep the side of your computer as straight up and 90 degrees that you can. Then make adjustments wherever you are. For example, one of my favorite things is taking your chair and lowering it all the way down to the bottom angle.

Already right now, I can set straight up so my back isn’t hurting all day after teaching for eight hours online, and also the students are now getting a more level angle, my face to the camera. You really want the camera to be eye-level if you can, or even a little, maybe perhaps above you Versus below you. Another option you can do here is, you can even see that I put a notebook Underneath my laptop to give it a little more lift. That way I can sit at my desk, I can sit up nice and tall, and I still have access to the keypad if I’m doing something on Zoom and I still need to access it, I can have that access without hurting my wrist and having to move it. I’ve seen a lot a people really stack their computer up really high underneath couple boxes, which does give you that front angle. If you are the working on your laptop at the same time that you’re videoing, and it’s like Zoom or Skype or what not, you wanna have access to the keypad, and I didn’t want to reach this way. So this has been helpful for me. Also, it does it at an angle as well.

Tip Number 4 is light. Now in my office, I made sure that I was next to a window that has a lot of natural light. It’s cloudy right now as I’m recording this, so I don’t even have much natural light. I also have a fancy ring light that is my new favorite friend that I use all the time. But I’m gonna show you the difference, and if you wanna purchase something, you can, But you don’t really have to. So for example, let’s say I turn off the ring light.  So this is what it looks like with just natural light. This is what it looks like from the students’ version. There is least some light on my face. I would say record and film as much as you can during the day when the light is the brightest. Or if you’re doing Zoom sessions, again, during the day with the brightest light. Another thing you can do is create your space where your desk or the area that you’re working at is right in front of the window so the light is literally coming on to your face. You don’t want it behind you; I do have a lamp over here. But you want the light coming on to your face. Now my favorite friend is the ring light, because it looks completely different. So here’s the ring light on again (snaps). Ta-da! The ring light is such a magical wonder.

All of a sudden it looks bright and light no matter what time of the day it is. This ring light’s like 100 bucks on Amazon. I will throw one up here for you as well so you can see what it looks like. They’re really inexpensive. There are some great deals out there, especially right now. But if you are gonna be doing a lot of online teaching, I highly suggest a ring light, otherwise, lots of natural light, as much as you can get in your quiet space.

Tip Number 5 is your attire. Now you can tell right now, I took a shower, I fixed my hair, I put some makeup on, and I put a colorful comfy shirt on. Really, they’re mostly only gonna see you from the bottom up, so I would say wear your comfy pants and your slippers underneath, but make sure it’s something colorful. You can see right now, they can see me. When they turn the computer on, I can wave and say hi to them, and I am ready and I feel good. And I always say, when you teach, if you feel good, you’re going to exude that to your students as well and you’re going to energize them, and we really wanna keep that in mind.

So it’s not just about the students. It’s about you and how you feel on camera. So let yourself feel good, put on your favorite top, put on something that makes you feel really energized and shows you off, and keep in mind that that energy is going to then go across to your students when you’re recording. So if you’re going casual and comfortable, just try to spiff it up a bit. Brush your hair, I don’t know who needs to hear this, but brush your teeth, because the students may not smell your breath, but again, you want to feel good for your students, so dress it up a bit.

Tip Number 6 is headphones. Now if you are just recording something to send to your students,

Like a message or an assignment or a lecture, you don’t need headphones. But if you are using Zoom, then you definitely want to have headphones. I use my Air Pods because they are easy and they are quick. Again, time savers are always more important to me right now than the best thing. So my Air Pods are great. Any headphone that you have that is going to go into your computer,

That’s going to allow you to hear via Zoom or Skype or whatever system you’re using, is great.

You can also pull out your big headphones and your students will think you’re really fancy,

Especially if you have younger students and do the whole big headphone thing.

This is great as well if you are trying to block out sound from your house so that you can focus, again, in your quiet space. So whatever headphones you need to use that you have already, just use them. I would also tell you encourage your students to use headphones as well if you are doing a one-on-one or a group session. It’s just way better quality.

Tip Number 7 is going to be your microphone. Now if you’re using your computer, you already have a built-in microphone that works great. So you don’t have to really worry about it if that is just the level that you’re at right now. But if you wanna up your level, your game on online teaching, get an external microphone.

A USB will plug straight into your computer, which is what I’m using right here. I got this one on Amazon a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. I’ll put the link in for you below, but it’s a Fifine, F-I-F-I-N-E. It comes with this arm, and all I have to do is plug it into my computer, start recording or start a lesson with my students, and it’s amazing. It sounds so much better, especially if you’re singing or talking at a high level, or if you’re doing anything that’s more artistically, creatively inclined.  

Tip Number 8 is focus. So when you are recording or talking to your students via online sessions, you want to be able to focus on them and make sure that they still feel like you’re there. So when you’re talking to them, talk directly into the camera, just like I’m doing right now. If you start to look at yourself on your screen, like on Zoom or what not, they’re not gonna get your eye level like you see right now. So look directly at them so they feel like you are focused on them and that is a very one-on-one conversation, even if you’re in a group Zoom session.

Tip Number 9 is posture. If you have already set up your space where you can sit tall, your posture is gonna not only be helpful for your students that are watching you or your colleagues or whoever you’re meeting with online, but for yourself. We are sitting quite a lot. If you can stand and set up your desk that way, super helpful, but I have really found that it’s more comfortable for me to sit,

And then I get up on my breaks in between. But you want to have a tall posture so that the students see it versus this, right? This is not as (laughs), not as nice to look at quite often, unless you’re just hanging out. But it gives you that professional appearance. Also it really helps force you to sit on your sits bones and keep your back straight, which, in the long run,  is gonna help your health teaching online eight hours a day.

Tip Number 10 and the last one and the most important one that I really think that you should make sure you’re including is energy. If a student turns on the camera, and they’re talking just like this, it’s not as exciting to them as what I’ve been doing with you the past 10 minutes. (Upbeat electronic music) Exuding that energy and creating that positive atmosphere for your students

In this virtual online classroom is extremely helpful. It gives them the bump that they need to want to log on and be engaged with you and your personality.

So up that energy level, engage those students in whatever time that you have with them, and try to bring some happiness and light into their life, because we could all use that right now, I’m sure. It will definitely make you feel comfortable as well. It’s a little extra work, but it really makes a big difference, and it will help not only the students, but it will help your positive energy as well.

So I hope these tips have helped you. If you need anything else, leave me a comment below. Tell me how you’re doing your classes and your online teaching, what challenges you’re discovering and how I can be of help to you.

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What is SEO and how will it help me succeed on Fiverr?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, utilizes the many tools available in your Fiverr gig to get a high ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). Search engines, such as Google’s, use algorithms that weigh multiple factors, like keyword usage and link backs, to rank a website or link against the other results of a user’s query. Fiverr’s search algorithm is identical to Google’s. This means that a posted gig with an attractive title, good use of keywords, and several links to the gig on other websites (those link backs I mentioned) will list higher in the results than a gig with minimal use of keywords and zero promotion outside of the platform.

It might occur to you that it’s common to find more attractive and frequently ordered gigs from high-level sellers a few pages back. This is true. Over the last few years, Fiverr has made strides in opening the platform to new sellers. This is why it is so important to optimize your gigs. According to Fiverr, gigs appearing on the front page have a higher chance of getting orders. SEO is how you get on the first page.

1. Keyword research

If you have read anything about SEO, you have probably seen the term “keywords” used frequently. Search engines like the one on Fiverr rely on these important words from the user to locate their relevant results. If your content does not contain the words that your potential clients are searching for, your gig won’t make the list.

Keyword research can be done by studying/comparing related gigs and performing the same searches your customers are likely to make. It is important to pick keywords that have both high traffic and few competing listings. Too many listings for a particular keyword will lower your chances of ranking on the first page. On the other hand, having too few gigs with similar keywords is sometimes an indicator of too little traffic. I have found greater personal success with gigs that share space with between a few hundred and a couple thousand other results for my searches.

2. Keyword consistency

There is another balance you must maintain when optimizing your post, and that is the consistent and comprehensive use of keywords. What I mean is, you should have enough relevant keywords in your posting to place you in as many related SERPs as possible. But too many different keywords cause the frequency of each to drop. This lowers your ranking in the searches using each word. This will also hurt the quality of your gig by filling it with nonsense and making it less readable.

3. A Good URL

When you create the title for your gig, Fiverr generates a custom URL for your listing using that title. One benefit of this feature is that, as long as your title is descriptive, so are the links to your gig. But the standards for creating a web page’s URL are a little different than those for writing an attractive Fiverr gig title. Generally, the path (the part after the “/”) in a web address is a bit more keyword heavy and has less focus on proper grammar than it does on brevity. A quick scan of a URL should give you a good idea of what you will find on the linked page with as few words as possible. Fiverr titles are a bit more conversational.

The solution on Fiverr is to use your title field to create both your title and the URL. Conveniently, Fiverr will only generate a URL the first time you publish a title for a gig. Later changes to the title won’t affect the URL’s path. Once the gig is published, you can immediately change the gig’s title to be grammatically correct and easier to read without losing the powerful benefits gained from your SEO optimized address. The downside is that you only get one chance to nail your web address for each gig. If you make a mistake, you will have to chuck and recreate the gig to correct it.

4. Attractive titles

An effective title on this platform creates our third balancing act. You will want to have your keywords present to help maximize the number of searches you will show up in. But even if your gig is the very first result each time, a senseless title won’t drive sales. Your title is one of the first things your customers will see. According to Fiverr Help, it needs to be short and simple yet descriptive. It should also use correct grammar and sound professional.

Something like “I will graphic design social media Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram banners, posts, branding logos, business cards” won’t likely garner many clicks compared to titles like “I will design a hand-drawn business logo” and “I will design a professional eye-catching graphic for social media”. If you are having trouble coming up with a title, try browsing through similar gigs for inspiration!

5. Description and Tags

Your gig’s description provides an opportunity to utilize keywords in a more organized and informational way. This is where you really sell your services to your customers. It also carries less weight in Fiverr’s search algorithm than the title, but this is no reason to rush through this part of the creation process. Keyword-strong descriptions will definitely play a role in your first-page ranking! Be sure not to sacrifice a well written pitch for SEO, though. After all, what are the impressions if you don’t get any orders?

Tags play an even smaller role in search result ranking, but should also be properly utilized. You can use your tags to help bolster your rankings for your most relevant keywords. But I usually like to throw in a couple of less used terms to help increase the range of my presence in differently worded searches. Whatever your strategy, choose carefully. You are only given five tags per gig.

6. Sensible pricing

While it is unclear what role, if any, a gig’s pricing has on its search result ranking, it is still worth talking about. Effective pricing, like so many other elements of your gig, needs to carefully avoid two extremes: too low and too high. Many new sellers on the platform might think that lower pricing will lead to more orders. This might be true for some gig workers, especially if they are just starting. But, if the prices are too low, they will hurt your credibility and your customers’ perception of your skill level. This isn’t to say you will stop getting jobs, but the quality of the buyer’s expectations can be just as important as the quality of your service. Lower prices can attract less serious buyers and impact your bottom line.

7. Same day delivery

Fiverr is a market where buyers expect results fast. As a newcomer, you should aim to be as timely with your work as you can, shooting for same-day delivery if possible. This will give you a healthy advantage over two or three-day deliveries. It also facilitates the need for our next tip, staying online.

8. Staying online

Fiverr is not known for being very forgiving about undelivered orders. This makes sense, as it is their responsibility to foster a platform of responsive and high-quality service providers. This can spell disaster for a profile with missed orders, though. It is imperative that you check your account often for messages and orders if you plan on maintaining a top-ranking gig. If you are capable of providing same-day or 24-hour delivery, staying on top of your correspondence becomes even more important.

Utilize your FAQ’s to help maximize your Fiverr Gig’s performance and show credibility.

9. Utilizing FAQ’s

The Frequently Asked Questions portion of Fiverr gigs would be the most underutilized SEO tool on the platform if not for the gig video. This portion of your listing is more than just a way to correct common misconceptions about the service you provide. It is also an opportunity to boost your credibility and make greater use of those keywords! In his article about Fiverr SEO, digital marketing specialist Rizwan Qadir goes as far as to assert that you should have no less than ten questions on your list.

I have heard the rationalization that not making the customer ask their questions personally creates missed opportunities for customer engagement. I would argue, based on personal experience, that your customers will appreciate the care taken to think about and answer their concerns. It can also aid them in choosing you out of a line-up of people who provide the same service or product based on your understanding of your customers.

10. Optimizing images

The images in your gig’s gallery are likely the first thing your customers will notice about your listing. It is important to use high quality photos or designs that are pleasing and send the right message. Most people don’t realize that their images can help their search results ranking, but you certainly want to take advantage of it. According to Fiverr tutorials, the most obvious customizations are the file names of each image. Image titles should utilize keywords and describe whichever aspect of your service they portray in a concise manner.

There is some debate over the relevance of image metadata to Fiverr SEO. Metadata is the descriptive information that is stored in your files and used by a computer to catalogue and identify them. This data includes the file name, creation date, owner name and permissions, description, tags, and a lot more. Regardless of whether Fiverr’s algorithm uses that data, Google’s search engine does. If you are concerned about your external SEO on major search engines, there are desktop and web applications for each major operating system called EXIF editors to help you with this endeavor. Improve your Fiverr Gig’s search engine ranking SEO with an optimized gig video and wow your clients.

11. Optimized gig video

When I created my first fiverr gig, the video option seemed unnecessary, and I doubted that I would ever use it. Some experience in this competitive market has changed my mind. And while most people aren’t professional video editors or animators, Fiverr is a creative gig platform. A small investment in a short, professional video certainly can’t hurt your impressions. The extra layer of credibility it conveys to your viewers could easily increase your revenue, as well.

12. Variety of similar gigs

One big boost in ranking for more experienced sellers comes from multiple successful gigs on their profile. These gigs are normally similar in nature, but with specialization in different methods or aspects of the work. Not only does the presence of multiple gigs boost each gig in their respective searches, but it allows you to explore niches with greater SEO potential than their common keyword counterparts.

Final thoughts

Fiver can be a challenging and rewarding platform if you are interested in gig work. With some careful fine tuning, you can earn a little extra money or even make a living with your services and products. Using strong and relevant keywords is crucial to being discovered, but using them correctly will turn your high ranking into sales. Professionally designed thumbnails, a video call to action, and well written content will delight your customers and drive your success while you work on your own terms.


Masab Jalil

Free Disclaimer Generator Tool 2021

Today I am going to tell you the most advanced method for making money online with the Disclaimer Generator Tool script. This article describes the Disclaimer Generator Tool Script. If you also want to use Blogger to create your own website, And if you want to make $100-$200 a month, you have to read this article carefully. I’ll provide you with a free disclaimer generator tool script, and you’ll also find all the information on how to apply this script to Blogger. Therefore, please continue reading this article completely and comment if you don’t understand anything.

What is Disclaimer Generator?

A disclaimer is usually a statement intended to define or reduce the extent of rights and responsibilities that a legally recognized party can exercise and implement. By posting the disclaimer prominently and using the specific legal terms required on the website, the viewer agrees to the terms of the disclaimer. The contract must also include risks related to the display and/or use of the data contained on that website by the visitor.

One Page Tool Website

Friends, basically it is a one-page tool website. You can easily create your own free disclaimer generator tool website and earn a good month without any investment. You have to use this script on blogger. You will find the link below to download this Free Disclaimer Generator Tool 2021 script and you will ALSO get all the information. I will explain to you how to build this website and what you need to be careful about so that this website can be ranked by Google as soon as possible.

How to get Adsense Approval

I’ll also give you information on how to get Google Adsense approval, so let’s get started. So, first of all, you need to find some keywords, titles, and descriptions for this One Page Tool website.

First, you need to use your main focus keywords on your website, so that your website can be easily ranked by Google. After this, there is a download link for the text file where you need to download the file. Also, in Notepad ++, you need to open that file. Then you need to paste all this code into that file.

If you don’t know how to edit this free disclaimer generator tool script, I will upload a proper video on my youtube channel.


Therefore, if you want to download the Disclaimer Generator Tool script, click on the various download links that make it easy to download, as shown below. If the download does not start, please let us know in the comments below. It provides a direct download link.

How To Customized Blogger Template

Owning a customized blogger template can be pretty helpful for you to create your blog with ease and confidence. This kind of template provides you with various features that help you to build up your blog with ease. If you wish to become an internet marketer, this could be an excellent idea. It is because it helps you become proficient at using the World Wide Web and provides some of the best content. Therefore, you can generate the desired amount of revenue that you wish to have daily.

Customized Blogger Template

The first thing that you need to consider when you wish to go in for a Customized Blogger Template is that you should go in for a template with the right kind of attributes. For example, you should look for one that is easy to download as well as use. It will ensure that you can upload the files relatively quickly. At the same time, you should also consider uploading the right content so that your content becomes relevant. You must make full use of the How To Customized Blogger Template so that you can quickly get content on your site.

Therefore, you should make sure that you are careful about the keywords that you use. It is advisable to keep the template name and the description in the appropriate place so that it is easy to find. However, if you do not have the necessary time to make the proper changes, you can always rely on a professional designer to help you out. It is especially so if you are having some problems or issues with the blog.

The other thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not use any pictures containing adult content. Such images are inappropriate, but they also tend to distract the reader and bear them. It would help if you, therefore, avoided photographs such as these on your site.

The title of the article that you write should also be attractive enough to grab the readers’ attention. You should, therefore, not only focus on providing helpful information in the content, but you should also make it appear as if you are an expert in the field. The title can help you draw more traffic to your blog or website.

How To Customized Blogger Template makes it easy for you to update the content on your blog regularly. As such, you should also make use of the tool to have the correct appearance. For example, if you have some recent news posted on your blog, you should update the content and the heading accordingly. This way, you will be able to attract more people to read the blog post.

At the same time, you will also provide your readers with the latest in your blogging world.

Other Benefits How to Customize Blogger Template

There are several other benefits as well when it comes to using the How To Customized Blogger Template. For example, you will not be restricted to just writing about what you know. You can show your own creativity to come up with innovative ideas. At the same time, you can use some tips and techniques that you have learnt over the years to make your content even better. You can thus come up with fresh content without having to hire a professional content writer for this.

With the help of a How To Customized Blogger Template, you can quickly turn your blog into a highly successful enterprise. No matter your skill level, you will find that this is an excellent way to make a name for yourself in the business world. What’s more, you can use this opportunity to polish your writing skills as well. Indeed, you should make full use of the unique features of the How To Customized Blogger Template to benefit from all these.


Having your own customized blogger template might help you create your site quickly and confidently. This type of template provides several features that aid in the development of your blog. If you want to work as an online marketer, this is a great place to start. Customized Blogger Templates make it simple to change your blog’s content regularly. You’ll be able to get more people to read your blog posts this way. You might also take advantage of this opportunity to improve your writing skills.

Latest AdSense Approval Trick 2021

Hello friends, this is your mentor Maaz here, and today I will talk about the Latest Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021, which is these days an ongoing trend on Google. No doubt, these days, a lot of people are searching for genuine AdSense approval methods or tricks on Google. A lot of people ask me through Twitter or Facebook, ‘Please suggest how your website can be monetized with AdSense‘So today I will clear up all the misconceptions about AdSense approval. Whether you are a new blogger or YouTuber and want to know about Google AdSense Approval trick 2021, then read this complete post. In this post, I am going to talk about the Google AdSense pay-per-click program. We all know that AdSense is the leading PPC program on the entire web and almost 90% of sites and blogs use AdSense for monetizing their sites/blogs. Many bloggers and webmasters only depend on AdSense for their online business, and Google AdSense is the most recommended program for new publishers.

What is a Hosted and None Hosted Google AdSense?

A Google AdSense hosted account is monetized on YouTube exclusively, while a non-hosted account can be used for numerous purposes, such as blogging, websites, and YouTube. Approval of a hosting account is easy, but it is hard to approve a non-host account. Difference from host to non-host Google AdSense account | AdSense account Many new starters have uncertainty regarding the Google AdSense account hosted and unhosted. Therefore, I now remove your confusion over these two accounts. AdSense is the Google Ads network in which Google allows owners of websites and others to use AdSense to monetize their websites and make money. Google employs two kinds of monetization accounts, Google AdSense Hosted, and Non-Hosted Accounts.

Between these two accounts, there is little difference. Almost everyone knows this, although some beginners have confused about these two accounts. An AdSense Hosting account is a product of an AdSense account where the publisher can send ads to host products such as YouTube, BlogSpot, etc… You can see your account very easily, and whether it is hosted or unhosted. You may access your AdSense account dashboard and see it in a red color written as a hosted or non-hosted account on the right-top side.

Compared to non-host accounts, the CPC, CTR, and impression were quite low. You can check out the YouTube video in which you reveal your YouTube and website earning experience entirely.

The AdSense Non-Hosted account is a product of AdSense, which allows the publisher to post ads on their website or Google hosting products such as YouTube, BlogSpot, or wherever. It is often referred to as a Fully Approved AdSense Account.

The greatest advantages were that it was quite difficult to earn your approval. You must develop a website/blog that fulfills all the laws or restrictions of AdSense. If you miss anybody who doesn’t match the Google AdSense policy, you lose your chance to earn their approval.

Why is AdSense the No. 1 Money Making Program for Publishers?

Because AdSense is owned by Google, the name is enough for everything. If you want to survive, you mustn’t oppose the giant, and we know who is the Internet giant. And it’s from Google, so it is the most reliable and trusted, and AdSense is also the highest paying PPC program on the web. In my personal experience, I made $16.48 in just 1 click. AdSense serves plenty more and more relevant advertising to your site via Ad code because there are millions of advertisers putting their money into Adwords. So these are all things that make Google AdSense the # 1 revenue-generating program for site owners. You can’t earn a single penny from Google AdSense if you don’t have a proper website. If you have a website, then follow the below steps for the Google AdSense Approval method.

These days, a common mistake is made by most website owners who want to get AdSense approval. A lot of people try to apply for Google AdSense Approval without following the basic rules or regulations. And that’s a common reason why their site is rejected every time by Google. I hope, after reading these steps, your website account will be approved for Google AdSense.

According to a short survey, these days, bloggers and YouTubers’ primary earning resource is AdSense. NO DOUBT Google AdSense helps website owners or bloggers to earn money legally by following their passion. Google AdSense pays for a click, and it is called the CPC (Cost Per Click) system. The CPC for Google AdSense is determined by advertiser ads, blog category, and other factors. Google AdSense also pays bloggers for advertising impressions. A Blogger can add multiple ads to their articles and websites according to AdSense rules. If visitors click on those links or ads, then the blogger generates some money. For example, if a site is getting 100 page views a day and 7 people click on the ads, then the CTR (Click through Rate) would be 7%. So if you want to earn money from Google AdSense, then, first of all, you have to create your website.

So if you want to know about Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021, then read below. Trust me, by following the below steps, you will get AdSense approval on your website.

If you already have a website, then, first of all, design its layout. It should have a user-friendly look. Keep in mind that there are some major differences between bloggers and WordPress. If your site is on Blogger, then you have to do a little more work compared to WordPress sites. I will recommend you here to create your site in WordPress CMS because it helps you in many ways. 90% of the bloggers don’t know any coding or web development, but still, they did a great job on their site. WordPress is very easy to use. We just have to drag and drop. What do you think?

You can create a blog site within 25 minutes, but to make it more attractive and user-friendly, you have to properly customize it. If you face any problems while customizing your blog post, you can get some help from WPBeginner or ShoutMeLoud articles. When I started my site, these two sites helped me a lot, and both of them help people without any cost.

After purchasing the domain and hosting, setting it up, you need to create some basic pages for AdSense approval purposes. These pages will help your site be more trustworthy and professional.

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Sitemap
  5. About Us
  6. Contact Us

These days, Google rejects a lot of new website owners’ requests because they don’t have these basic pages on their sites. You can very easily create these pages from your WordPress dashboard. If you don’t know which details you have to add on those pages, then search on Google for “DISCLAIMER generator”, “sitemap generator” or “terms and conditions generator” etc. Then you just have to enter your real name, site name, email and the rest they will provide you with. These free online tools help you to create your basic pages easily.

If you have already created these pages, then add those basic pages to your site’s FOOTER navigation, as I did in my footer menu. It’s quite necessary because it will help you to get Google AdSense Approval within a few days.

If you want to get Google AdSense Approval on first attempt, then this is one of the major steps. If your site has basic pages, well designed, but no quality content, then don’t apply for AdSense right now.

Keep in your mind CONTENT IS KING. You have to produce quality content for your website, which means writing articles with more than 300 to 450 words by yourself, not copying from other sites. Many times, I talk about quality being more important than quantity, but for Google AdSense approval, quality and quantity are both equally important.

Write 25 to 30+ quality content of 300 to 450 or more words. Also, try to improve your grammar while writing or editing articles.

If you are new to blogging, then you might not know that if you write a copy of content, then your site will not be monetized by Google AdSense. Copy content does not mean the same topic content. If you search for Google AdSense Approval Trick 2020, you can see a lot of content is available with the same title. But their content, writing style, and images are different from others, so it is not copied content.

Copy content means if I write an article the same as another site’s article, then this is judged as copy content. For example, ‘Best Seo Tips Site’ is an example of a copy site.

If your site has 30+ original content which was written by yourself, and if you followed the above steps perfectly, then your website’s Google AdSense approval chance is 80-90%.

First, you must read the Google guidelines about Content. Google AdSense will not approve your site if its contents are written in some uncommon language that Google does not support.

Nowadays, Google AdSense supports Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, and other Indian languages along with English. So I would suggest you here please check your website language to see if Google supports it or not.

To make your articles more attractive and user-friendly, you need to add some ALT images to your article. But the problem is that Google does not read images, so in this case, you have to add ALT image tags to your images. By adding alt text to your images, it helps Google to understand the images. Also, it helps with your article’s image SEO. Alt Text has helped me a lot to rank my many articles in Google image search results.

Don’t write about topics like pyramid software, TB tobacco, terrorism, politics, SH sexual harassment, hate speech, and illegal stuff. Google doesn’t allow these kinds of articles. They will instantly take action on this type of article. If you are writing generally illegal content or something like this, then your site will not be approved by Google AdSense. So don’t write any illegal, hateful, or this type of content. Write genuine content which helps users to learn something new in your unique style. Yes, it will take some time to achieve something. If you have already written a few illegal articles and Google rejected your Google AdSense Approval Request, then remove those articles from your website and try again.

I will not suggest you apply for AdSense approval after getting some unique visitors to your site. This is not a primary requirement for Google AdSense to apply. But it is my suggestion from my own experience.

If you want to track your website views, then you can take the help of the GOOGLE ANALYTIC tool. You can easily track your views report from Google analytics or its mobile app. If you are new, then I would recommend trying to target low-competitive niches and writing a maximum 500+ word article with proper on-page and off-page SEO.

For example, if you have written 20 to 30 articles and get 10 to 15 views on each article from organic search, then I would recommend you here to apply for Google AdSense. I was lucky that my site was approved for Google AdSense within 3 days using the same above method. 

If you applied for Google AdSense, then please don’t change anything on your site. If you applied for Google AdSense and today you changed your site layout or theme, then your application will probably be rejected. Once your site gets approval, then make changes if needed, but during verification, don’t try to do this.

This is the most important part of getting AdSense approval because most website owners make these little mistakes. They don’t write articles when they submit their sites for AdSense approval. If you applied for AdSense and if you are not publishing new content, then it will take more time to verify your site. You must add content after applying for Google AdSense.

So the two steps after applying for Google AdSense, which you have to know, are-

  • Don’t make any changes to the site (like the theme, layout, post URL, etc.)
  • Publish new content during verification time.

Sign-up and Connect to AdSense:

Create an AdSense account: Google has simplified and sped up the signing process. You may register for AdSense and access your AdSense account instantly.

AdSense Sign Up

After log in to your AdSense account, you have to connect your site to AdSense by placing code into the HTML of your site between the <head> and </head> tags.

If you are not able to insert the AdSense code into your blog/site, you may WhatsApp me for free help – No Calls. Scroll down for tutorial help related to adding code to self-hosted WordPress sites,, Shopify, and other online platforms.

<script data-ad-client="ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxx8042" async src=""></script>

The above code contains your Publisher ID (ca-pub-xxxx) to verify your site ownership and display ads automatically immediately after activation of your account (if you select the option to show the same).

See the screenshot for more.

If you are not able to paste the code into your site, please feel free to ask me for help without paying a consultancy fee. You now have to give your legitimate mailing address and your valid telephone number. Please note that before sending your first AdSense payment, the Google AdSense team will provide your Personal Identification Number (PIN) code to that address.

You will then get the following pop-up notification (code was detected) after finishing all the steps:

“The activation process of the account can now start. This normally takes less than a day, although it may take a little longer in some circumstances. When everything is ready, we’ll email you. “

The code was found – Connect site to AdSense

Take note that it will not display any ads on your live webpage until your AdSense account is fully approved. Previously, you had to wait many days or weeks for initial checks to validate the information submitted with your AdSense application.

And after verification of your information (your name, address, blog/site URL, etc.), you were able to create your first AdSense Ad Unit.

Final Activation/Approval (if applicable):

Finally, after you have implemented the code on your website, you will receive a response from specialists from the Google AdSense Team within 24 hours regarding the final status of your application. This procedure, on the other hand, may take 1-2 days. What if I told you something you already knew? Previously, the same process may have finished in 7-10 days, depending on the circumstances. The final step is to wait for an email confirming that your AdSense application has been approved.

In any other case, you will receive an email on your registered email ID explaining why your account has been denied and outlining the possible next steps you can take to have your account approved.

Once your AdSense account has been fully authorized, Google Ads will be displayed on your approved website/blog and the red bar across the top of your AdSense account will be removed. You may now construct your first Ad Unit to display AdSense advertisements in the areas of your website that you choose, such as the header, sidebar, above/below the text, and footer, among other places.

Is it mandatory to provide my bank information when opening a Google AdSense account, or can I choose to add my payment method at a later time? No, you do not need to enter your bank account information when signing up for an AdSense account. After your AdSense account has been approved, you may enter your bank information.

If your total monthly earnings from Google AdSense exceed $100.00, you will be paid by Google (check your payout threshold). Your payment information will be collected once your earnings have reached the threshold limit. You may choose to manage payment methods such as wire transfer, intermediary bank (ask your bank), and foreign currency conversion, among others.

Can you tell me how long it takes for AdSense to approve my application?

The amount of time it takes for an AdSense account to be completely enabled is: In less than 24 hours, your AdSense account will be approved. It can take up to two weeks for permission to be granted. Never forget to include the AdSense code on a website or page that receives a significant amount of traffic. Please keep in mind that some steps in the process require you to take action, and Google will only activate your account if you have completed these steps.

Insert the AdSense code into your self-hosted WordPress site.

WP Plugins are the most convenient way to integrate AdSense code into your WordPress (WP) website. Following login to your self-hosted WordPress blog, if you have technical skills, you can also access the Theme Editor option from the left sidebar under Appearance after logging in.

Additionally, you can check to see if the WordPress theme that you have installed supports AdSense code widgets. The majority of themes include numerous options for inserting AdSense code into various areas of your site, including the header, sidebar, single page, and footer sections, among others.

Insert the AdSense code into your blog.

To incorporate the AdSense code into your Blogger blog, simply navigate to your blogger dashboard and select Theme from the sidebar. After that, select Edit HTML from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the CUSTOMIZE button. Now, right above the closing head element, paste your AdSense code in place of it. This month (March 2021), one of our clients got an approved AdSense account for his first blog. Please let me know if you have got an approved AdSense account recently. Share your own experiences regarding AdSense account approval.

Make The Most Of It.

Now you have everything. You have a Google AdSense account. What are you waiting for? Now you must be thinking of putting the AdSense ad code on your blog quickly and waiting for the clicks. This is where lots of people make mistakes. You can not just create a blog/site without planning and earning a lot from AdSense. If you want to earn decent money from AdSense, like $200 to $400+, then you must plan everything. You must know how much CPC (cost per click) is going to be for your particular article. You can not just write about anything. So plan your website, then put the AdSense ad code on it and start making money.

How To SEO Optimized Your Blog Post In 2021?

Hello Audience, Today I’m Going To Provide You With A Complete Guide On How To SEO Optimize Your Blog Post Or Article. If You Are A Blogger & Want To Rank Your Every Blog Post On Google 1st Page, Why Should You Read This Complete Guide About How To Seo Optimize Your Blog Post? So If You Are Still Interested In This Topic & Want To Get Info Related To Content Optimization, Make Sure To Read This Complete Post Till The End. Now Let’s Begin…!

Why Is Content Optimization Important?

Before Going On To The Main Topic Of Our Article, We Should Know The Importance Of Content Optimization. Because It Has Great Significance In The Blogging Field. If You Want To Become A Pro & Well-Known Blogger, You Should Have Complete Knowledge Of Its Importance & Usage In The Blogging Field. There Are Many Advantages To Content Optimization. That’s why we follow the strategy of Content Optimization.

1. Content Optimization Helps Our Blog To Rank Higher In Google & Other Search Engines Page Results.

2. It Can Also Provide Positive Organic Boots To Improve The Ranking Position In Search Engines.

3. Optimized Content or Post Helps Our Blog To Get More Organic Leads or Traffic According To Our Business & It Also Helps Our Visitors To Understand The Content Structure.

So These Are The Three Main Advantages Of Why Content Optimization Is Significant In The Blogging Field. Now Let’s Begin To Start A Discussion On How To SEO Optimize Your Blog Post.

Guide To Optimize Your Blog Articles

Now When We Talk About The Optimization Part Of Our Content. So It Is Based On Different Values & Niches. Every Niche Website Has Different Types Of Content Optimization. So here I’m I am Just Going To Share My Personal Experience Of Tech, Real Estate, Cooking, and Digital Marketing Related Niches. If You Are Working On These Niches, Then You Should Follow This Given Guide As It Is. Now Let’s Begin!

1. Keyword Stuffing Ratio/Keyword Density.

2. Internal Linking.

3. External Linking.

4. Third-Party Sponsor Links.

5. Images Alt Tags.

There Are 5 Main Parts Of Content Optimization, And Now I Will Discuss All Of Them One By One. Make Sure To Follow All These 5 Things If You Want To Produce The Best Results.

Keyword Density Or Keyword Stuffing

Keywords Are The Most Important Thing In SEO Optimization Of Your Blog Post. For A Blogger, Keywords Play A Good Role In The Ranking & Understanding The Search Engine Bots To Rank Their Content. But In Most Cases, Newbie Bloggers Make A Major Mistake In The Use Of Keywords.

Newbies Use A Lot Of Keywords Instead Of The Main Blog Post Content In Their Articles. In This Case, Their Content Doesn’t Rank In Search Engines & Goes Into Spam Box. Also, this thing effects your user engagement. Because if your content user can’t find the actual desired information, then he will leave your site very soon.

So Make Sure To Use The Measure The Keyword Density or KW Stuffing Tool To Check Out The Keyword Density In Your Whole Article. For Measurement of Keyword Density Tool, You Can Use A Helpful Website (Word Counter Dot Net).

Internal Linking Is A Very Important & Useful Part Of Your Article Optimization. In this section, we just add some of our relevant links related to our content. If You Are Writing Content About SEO, Then You Can Add Your Previous SEO Related Posts To Any Related SEO Words or Like “You Can Read More About SEO”

This Kind Of Internal Linking Provides You With More Traffic And Users Stay More Time On Your Blog & Visit Some Additional Posts By Visiting Your Single Post. So Make Sure To Do Nice Internal Linking To Each Post On Your Blog.

External Linkage Is Also Important, As Is Internal Linking. In this process, we add some other third-party website links to our content. But we just add related third-party links into our articles. If You Are Writing A Post On Digital Marketing, Then You Should Add A Link To Digital Marketing Related Websites To Your Content. Also, make sure to add a high-authority third party link to your article.

In This Section, we Provide Some Sponsors Linking Into Our Site Content To Some Third Party Brand Sites or Affiliate Partners. In This Process, We Should Make Sure To Use The Sponsor Attribute Behind The Link. If You Do Not Add The Sponsor Attribute Behind That Link, Then It Will Be Neglected By Search Engine Bots. So, always try to add sponsor attributes to the third party sponsor brand.

Images Are One Of The Most Important Things In Our Blog Articles. So here most newbies make one mistake. They Do Not Add Alt Texts To Their Blog Images. If We Don’t Add Alt Texts to Our Content, Then It Will Not Be Considered SEO Optimized.

In This Process, We Add Some Text or Description & Caption To Our Images Related To The Content Topic. When We Add These Alt texts, Then Our Images Are Considered SEO Optimized, And Search Engine Bots Easily Understand Images.

So These Are Some Basic Tips & A Complete Guide On How To SEO Optimize Your Blog Post. If You Like This Content & Want To Read More Of These Kind Of Posts, So Please Spread This Informative Content On Social Platforms. Thanks for Coming to This Post.