Best wordpress themes for blogs

Best WordPress Themes

Hello friends, This post has written by Asad, and today he is going to share with you top best wordpress themes for blogs. I have been using WordPress as my favorite blogging platform for quite some time now. WordPress is undoubtedly the most common platform used for blogging because of its great features and easy to use interface. Because of its thousands of users, you want to use a WordPress theme that is not overused by bloggers. I have my eyes on some WordPress themes that are not likely to be overused and here are the top 10 WordPress themes that are on  my list.

Skeleton WordPress Theme

The theme’s organized elements are most appealing to me as it allows me to use short codes for more customization options. The theme is also optimized for mobile viewing and it comes with a clean cross browser CSS3 buttons that come in beautiful colors and sizes that could perfectly blend with your blog layout and design.

Avada WordPress Theme

Now, if you ‘re the type of a blogger who wants to exercise more customization to your blog, this is a good WordPress theme to use. It has unlimited customization of font types and colors, with 5 header design, supported by HTML, CSS3 and cross browser that gives you more freedom to be as creative as you can be in designing your WordPress blog. I enjoy using its flexible and multipurpose themes that are optimized for mobile viewing. Unleash your creativity using this WordPress theme and enjoy expressing your style with this theme as I did.

Lucid WordPress Theme

The sleek and elegant design of the magazine type is a good feature of this WordPress theme that I like the most. You can post front images and you can easily highlight your brand with its prominent header that is displayed on your blog front page. If you are not a pro in blogging, the theme’s clean interface is great for easy navigation and more convenient for you to apply customization to your blog. It has a clutter free layout that is perfect for a clean looking blog site.

Mommy Blog WordPress Theme

This premium WordPress theme is perfect for the hobbyist like you and me. I love selling products that I like and I use this theme for running an eCommerce site. It comes with a JigoShop shopping cart that would be perfect for your business. With its easy to use blog layout, you can conveniently submit posts to market your products too.

Litho WordPress Theme

Visual enthusiasts, this WordPress theme is great for your blog! I love the customization option on this theme as it allows me to create contact forms from different color scheme variants. You can also highlight the form of media that you want to attract your visitors with. It is also perfect for a tablet and mobile viewing with its responsive interface.

Kallyas WordPress Theme

The theme page builder customization, sliders and clean design and flexible layout make it a good option for someone like me who wants to exercise flexibility in designing my blog. It is also SEO optimized and translation ready to cater to your multi-language visitors.

Nemesis WordPress Theme

Freelance designers, hear me out! This is a theme that I highly recommend because of its more than 300 web fonts and 16 page templates, more than 100 short codes and customizable images and patterns. Sounds overwhelming, huh? Its social sharing features and minimalist design are also a plus that makes it easier for you to brag your creative blog design.

U Design WordPress Theme

It would suffice to say that for someone like me who is looking for a WordPress that will give me more control on how to design my blog layout, this WordPress theme superb features match my thirst for creativity. It gives me more control on tweaking the website elements like the theme’s background, color, fonts, font size and links.

Enfold WordPress Theme

I love the drag and drop layout builder of this WordPress theme. It is responsive for mobile viewing and is best for running your eCommerce site and business website especially for a newbie. If you are looking for a simple interface for a WordPress theme, this is for you!

Averis WordPress Theme

I find the social sharing feature of this theme highly convenient for promoting my products and services. It is integrated with a contact form that I can customize in order to highlight my brand. The layout is also interactive and allows me to highlight my website content.

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