Benefits Of Corporate Wellness Programs Statistics

While not statistically at the top, American workers tend to work longer hours with fewer days off. Along with the strain this puts on families, it also puts employees’ overall health at risk. Morning rush, a quick grab-and-go lunch, followed by a fatty binge dinner causes waistlines to bulge. Too little time to exercise is an added component to being overweight. With Americans spending more and more time at the workplace, employers are discovering that by providing certain services, their employees are happier and healthier.

Smart businesses are finding ways to relieve stress by offering their employees opportunities to change their pace by providing in-house counseling on diet and nutrition. Many companies are adding gym facilities or mapping out a walking route nearby, often incorporating stretching stations along the way, for people to exercise during the workday. Employees report these simple changes to result in a better working environment and actually increase productivity. Healthy eating seminars are equally beneficial. Many cafeterias are making healthy choices alternatives available as well. This may result in fewer sick days for workers and a healthier workplace.

To this end, a new industry is coming to the fore to provide employers with the tools to facilitate healthy lifestyle opportunities for their staff. Consultants can help carve out exercise space and nutritionists can supply healthier snacks and food choices. Businesses are also discovering that by sponsoring various fundraising walks and runs in the community they are promoting healthier employees and increasing community goodwill. Another aid is corporate wellness programs.

Corporate wellness will work with your company and employees to initiate a wellness program best suited to your needs. Some examples of services provided are wellness challenges where staff voluntarily competes for prizes or points in the effort to become healthier and individual and/or group counseling seminars.

One corporate wellness professional program is the Shape not Weight Green Light Wellness Program. No drugs, no measuring, no depravation-just good sense and a little help with them. They also schedule webinars and offer self-directed learning videos, along with e-mail reminders of programs and incentives.

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