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Mistakes That Bloggers Do in Their Blogging Career

Mistakes That Bloggers Do in Their Blogging Career

Hey, This Is Asad, the Author Of This Post. As A Professional Blogger, I Know How Many Bloggers Make Mistakes In Their Blogging Career. So that’s why I’m here to share my point of view about 3 Common Mistakes That Bloggers Make in Their Blogging Career.

Mistakes That Bloggers Do in Their Blogging Career

Mistakes Are An Important Part Of Our Life Growing Up. And if we don’t make mistakes, then we can’t learn from them. So, if you are also a blogger and want to know about those common mistakes that most bloggers make in their blogging career, read on. So This Whole Case Study Is Designed For You. Here You Can Learn Important Management Skills For Your Rich Blogging Career.

If You Are Still Here Reading This Post, Let’s Begin To Start The Proper Conversation About Our Main Post Title, Without Further Delay.

Mistake That Bloggers Do:-

There Are Many Kinds Of Mistakes That Bloggers Make In Their Blogging Career Knowingly or Without Knowingly. But According To My Point Of View, Mistakes Are Not Bad, They Are Mistakes For Learning. If You Learn From Your Mistakes, Then That Is Not A Mistake. That Will Be Considered Experience Because You Learned From That Mistake That You Made With Your Blogs.

But here I’m just going to focus on 3 Common Mistakes in Blogging That I Analyze in Most Bloggers. Here Is The List Of 3 Common Mistakes In Blogging That Bloggers Make.

Less Consistency.

Rewriting or Fake Content.

Low Structure Content.

So These Are The Only 3 Reasons or Mistakes Of Bloggers. Let’s Go Ahead And Discuss Them One By One Shortly.

Consistency in Blogging

Consistency Is The Second Name Of Blogging. “Consistency Is The 1st Key To Success In The Blogging Field”. So if you are a new blogger, then you need to be consistent with your blogs. Because Consistency Pays You High After Some Time. Because When You Show Consistency In Your Blog Post Schedule or Content Production Process, Then Google And Other Search Engines Will Give You More Importance Than Usual.

Make Sure To Make A Proper Schedule For The Content Production For Your Blogs. And you must follow that pattern regularly or weekly, depending on your schedule. When You Follow Your Pattern With Consistency, Then You Can See A Positive Change In The Growth Of Your Blogs.

Rewriting or Fake Content in Blogging Field

If I Talk About The Common & Popular Of Blogging. So This Issue Is On The Top List Of My Blogging Mistakes List. So I’ll highly recommend to other bloggers to Do Not Copy Paste or Rewrite Any Kind Of Content for Your Blog.

Because This Kind Of Work Will Just Take Back Your Blog & Your Audience Will Not Trust Your Content. So Make Sure To Produce Premium Quality Content For Your Audience. If You Never Do The Rewritten Work, Then Your Blog Will Grow & Search Engines Will Give You Authority As Well.

Most Bloggers Make A Mistake. They Provide Fake & Incomplete Information Regarding Their Blog Post Topics. So try to avoid these kinds of work, because in this case, Google Will Never Crawl Your Site Content. Also, Your Ranking Goes Down With The Penalization Of Your Blog By Google & Other Search Engines.

Now Let’s Talk About The Most Important & Last Part Of The Blogging Mistakes That Bloggers Make In Their Blogger Career.

Content Structure (Always Matter Most)

When I Talk About Content, Then I Remember This Amazing Authentic Quote “Content Is Always King”. Yeah, It’s a King And This Is The Only Thing That The Audience Comes To Read On Your Site or Comes To See On Your Blog. Now It Depends ON You How You Manage Your Blog Content.

So, In My Review & Experience, Most Newbie Bloggers Make This Mistake With Their Amazing Content. They Do Not Manage Any Kind Of Their Blog Post Structure Clearly. In This Case, They Just Lost The Authenticity And Matureness Of Their Blog Content.

Also, if you do not give a proper structure to your blog content, you are missing a major On-Page SEO Factor That Can Help You Rank Higher In Google.

So Make Sure To Use A Proper Table Of Content With Your Each & Every Blog Post, Use Rich Media Content, And Use Major Headings & Subheadings That Clearly Look Amazing And Readable For Your Audience. If You Follow These Things, Then Visitors Will Stay A Long Time On Your Site Content, And Your Bounce Rate Will Go To A Positive Graph.

Conclusion Opinion

Hope you like this stuff about common mistakes in blogging that bloggers make in their blogging career. If This Content Is Value Creating In Your Knowledge, Please Share It With Your Friends And Provide Us With Your Feedback In The Form Comments. Thanks for Coming to This Blog Post. You Can Read Some Amazing Content Like This Post.

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Word Counter And Character Counter Script 2021

Today I will tell you another useful blogger script or tool name word counter and character script. Hello My Dear Friends, this is your host Hamza Ali here and Today I Will Share With You another Website Script For Blogger That is Word Counter and Character Counter Script.

What is Word Counter And Character Counter

What is Word Counter and Character Counter Script basically this is a free tool to Help You to Count Your Words and Character which you write for your website and blog. This is a unique word counter and character script for bloggers and Low Competition Website Idea To Make Money Online. If You go to Check the “WordCounter.net” then you can check out the worth of this site The Website is making 1000$ of Dollars Per Month. So I Can Tell You Please Make at least one Try and Use.

You can also build your own word counter and character script-based website and Do SEO To Rank Your Website Faster On Google Search.

If You have Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript So You can easily edit this Word Counter & Character Counter Script for Blogger Because This Script is using Many Peoples so it is Hard To Get Adsense Approval on Your Website Which purpose You Can Make using Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger.

NOTE: Use Word Counter and Character Counter Script in Your Own risk ChoiceI Will Not Suggest you Do It and If you rank Your Website You Don’t Give Me Your Win Money. If You realized That The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For bloggers is Too Difficult To Rank then You can Check Out My Other Low Competition Tool Website Script That is Easy to Rank and You Can make Easily $100 to 200 a Month Without Doing any Hard Work.

Feature of Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger are:

1: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger Is Ads Ready.

2: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger Is SEO Ready.

3: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger Is SEO Friendly.

4: You Write Your Own Content About 3000-5000 Words to Take Adsense Approved.

5: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger is Easy To Install on Blogger.

6: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger is Lite Weight.

7: The Word Counter & Character Counter Script For Blogger is Quickly Open With Low Internet Connection.

Copy Your Code:

Copy Your Code:

 <!DOCTYPE html>  
 <title>Advance Word Counter Tool Online</title>  
   <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">  
      <meta name="description" content="Website word counter, Word count in Word, Word counter for books, Word frequency counter, Character counter, Word count Google Docs, SEO word counter, Word counter camera"/>  
      <meta name="robots" content="index,follow" />  
      <meta name="keywords" content="Website word counter, Word count in Word, Word counter for books, Word frequency counter, Character counter, Word count Google Docs, SEO word counter, Word counter camera" />  
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">  
       <link href='https://techly360.com/word-counter-script-for-blogger/' rel='canonical'/>  
       <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.1.3/css/bootstrap.min.css">  
  <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script>  
  <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/popper.js/1.14.3/umd/popper.min.js"></script>  
  <script src="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.1.3/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>  
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css">  
  <link rel="icon" href="favicon.png" sizes="16x16" type="image/png">  
  /* border box */  
 html {  
  box-sizing: border-box;  
  -webkit-user-select: none;  
  /* Chrome all / Safari all */  
  -moz-user-select: none;  
  /* Firefox all */  
  -ms-user-select: none;  
  /* IE 10+ */  
  user-select: none;  
  /* Likely future */  
 *:after {  
  box-sizing: inherit;  
 b {  
  font-weight: bold;  
 /* main app styles */  
 body {  
  width: 700px;  
  margin: 0 auto;  
  background-color: #FAFAFA;  
  font-family: 'Source Sans Pro', sans-serif;  
  color: #111;  
 .container {  
  margin: 2% auto;  
  padding: 15px;  
  background-color: #FFFFFF;  
  -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 1px 4px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);  
  box-shadow: 0px 1px 4px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);  
 h1 {  
  font-size: 3rem;  
  font-weight: 900;  
  text-align: center;  
  margin: 1% 0 3%;  
 textarea {  
  width: 100%;  
  height: 250px;  
  padding: 10px;  
  border: 1px solid #d9d9d9;  
  outline: none;  
  font-size: 1rem;  
  resize: none;  
  line-height: 1.5rem;  
 textarea:hover {  
  border-color: #C0C0C0;  
 textarea:focus {  
  border-color: #4D90FE;  
 .output.row {  
  width: 100%;  
  border: 1px solid #DDD;  
  font-size: 1.4rem;  
  margin: 1% 0;  
  background-color: #F9F9F9;  
 .output.row div {  
  display: inline-block;  
  width: 42%;  
  padding: 10px 15px;  
  margin: 1%;  
 .output.row span {  
  font-weight: bold;  
  font-size: 1.5rem;  
 #readability {  
  width: 52%;  
  font-weight: bold;  
 #readability:hover {  
  background-color: #4D90FE;  
  color: #FFF;  
  border-radius: 2px;  
  cursor: pointer;  
 #readability:active {  
  background-color: #307AF3;  
 .keywords {  
  display: none;  
  margin: 4% 0 0;  
  font-size: 2rem;  
  font-weight: 900;  
 .keywords ul {  
  font-weight: 400;  
  border: 1px solid #DDD;  
  font-size: 1.4rem;  
  background-color: #F9F9F9;  
  margin: 2% 0;  
 .keywords li {  
  display: inline-block;  
  width: 44%;  
  padding: 10px;  
  margin: 1%;  
 ** Making it responsive  
 @media (max-width: 750px) {  
  body {  
   width: 600px;  
  .output.row {  
   font-size: 1.2rem;  
  .output.row span {  
   font-size: 1.3rem;  
  .keywords ul {  
   font-size: 1.2rem;  
 @media (max-width: 600px) {  
  /* rewriting old styles */  
  body {  
   width: 95%;  
  .output.row {  
   border: none;  
   background-color: #FFF;  
  .output.row div {  
   display: block;  
   width: 100%;  
   padding: 10px 15px;  
   margin: 2% auto;  
   border: 1px solid #DDD;  
   font-size: 1.8rem;  
   background-color: #F9F9F9;  
  .output.row span {  
   font-size: 2rem;  
  #readability {  
   width: 100%;  
   font-size: 1.6rem;  
   font-weight: 400;  
  .keywords {  
   margin: 10% auto;  
  .keywords ul {  
   font-weight: 400;  
   border: none;  
   font-size: 1.8rem;  
   background-color: #F9F9F9;  
   margin: 5% 0;  
  .keywords li {  
   display: block;  
   width: 100%;  
   padding: 10px;  
   margin: 2% auto;  
   border: 1px solid #DDD;  
 .ads {   
   margin: auto;  
   padding: 60px 0;   
   max-width: 640px;    
   box-shadow: 0 5px 15px rgba(0,0,0,.16);   
   border-radius: 5px;   
   margin-top: 1em;   
   background: #fff;   
   text-align: left;   
 <body style="background:#f20c4d;">  
 <div class="container">  
  <h1>Word Counter</h1>  
  <textarea placeholder="Enter your text here..."></textarea>  
  <div class="ads container">   
      Place Your Ad Code     
  <div class="output row">  
   <div>Characters: <span id="characterCount">0</span></div>  
   <div>Words: <span id="wordCount">0</span></div>  
  <div class="output row">  
   <div>Sentences: <span id="sentenceCount">0</span></div>  
   <div>Paragraphs: <span id="paragraphCount">0</span></div>  
  <div class="output row">  
   <div>Reading Time: <span id="readingTime">0</span></div>  
   <div id="readability">Show readability score.</div>  
  <div class="keywords">  
   Top keywords:  
   <ul id="topKeywords">  
  ** User stories:  
  ** - Shows number of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs - Done  
  ** - Show reading time - Done  
  ** - Show keyword count - Done  
  ** - Show reading level (Optional - how?) - Done  
  ** - Above data should change/appear on every keypress - Done  
 // Readability (Mashape) API Key for testing: PQ4FOFuaR6mshI6qpnQKQvkDZQXjp1o6Zcqjsnug7GvNggTzUE  
 "use strict";  
 var input = document.querySelectorAll('textarea')[0],  
  characterCount = document.querySelector('#characterCount'),  
  wordCount = document.querySelector('#wordCount'),  
  sentenceCount = document.querySelector('#sentenceCount'),  
  paragraphCount = document.querySelector('#paragraphCount'),  
  readingTime = document.querySelector('#readingTime'),  
  readability = document.querySelector('#readability'),  
  keywordsDiv = document.querySelectorAll('.keywords')[0],  
  topKeywords = document.querySelector('#topKeywords');  
 // updating the displayed stats after every keypress  
 input.addEventListener('keyup', function() {  
  //keeping the console clean to make only the latest data visible  
  // character count  
  // just displaying the input length as everything is a character  
  characterCount.innerHTML = input.value.length;  
  // word count using \w metacharacter - replacing this with .* to match anything between word boundaries since it was not taking 'a' as a word.  
  // this is a masterstroke - to count words with any number of hyphens as one word  
  // [-?(\w+)?]+ looks for hyphen and a word (we make both optional with ?). + at the end makes it a repeated pattern  
  // \b is word boundary metacharacter  
  var words = input.value.match(/\b[-?(\w+)?]+\b/gi);  
  // console.log(words);  
  if (words) {  
   wordCount.innerHTML = words.length;  
  } else {  
   wordCount.innerHTML = 0;  
  // sentence count     using ./!/? as sentense separators  
  if (words) {  
   var sentences = input.value.split(/[.|!|?]+/g);  
   sentenceCount.innerHTML = sentences.length - 1;  
  } else {  
   sentenceCount.innerHTML = 0;  
  // paragraph count from http://stackoverflow.com/a/3336537  
  if (words) {  
   // \n$ takes care of empty lines: lines with no characters, and only \n are not paragraphs  
   // and need to be replaced with empty string  
   var paragraphs = input.value.replace(/\n$/gm, '').split(/\n/);  
   paragraphCount.innerHTML = paragraphs.length;  
  } else {  
   paragraphCount.innerHTML = 0;  
  // console.log(paragraphs);  
  // reading time based on 275 words/minute  
  if (words) {  
   var seconds = Math.floor(words.length * 60 / 275);  
   // need to convert seconds to minutes and hours  
   if (seconds > 59) {  
    var minutes = Math.floor(seconds / 60);  
    seconds = seconds - minutes * 60;  
    readingTime.innerHTML = minutes + "m " + seconds + "s";  
   } else {  
    readingTime.innerHTML = seconds + "s";  
  } else {  
   readingTime.innerHTML = "0s";  
  // finding out top keywords and their count  
  // step-1: remove all the stop words  
  // step-2: form an object with keywords and their count  
  // step-3: sort the object by first converting it to a 2D array  
  // step-4: display top 4 keywords and their count  
  if (words) {  
   // step-1: removing all the stop words  
   var nonStopWords = [];  
   var stopWords = ["a", "able", "about", "above", "abst", "accordance", "according", "accordingly", "across", "act", "actually", "added", "adj", "affected", "affecting", "affects", "after", "afterwards", "again", "against", "ah", "all", "almost", "alone", "along", "already", "also", "although", "always", "am", "among", "amongst", "an", "and", "announce", "another", "any", "anybody", "anyhow", "anymore", "anyone", "anything", "anyway", "anyways", "anywhere", "apparently", "approximately", "are", "aren", "arent", "arise", "around", "as", "aside", "ask", "asking", "at", "auth", "available", "away", "awfully", "b", "back", "be", "became", "because", "become", "becomes", "becoming", "been", "before", "beforehand", "begin", "beginning", "beginnings", "begins", "behind", "being", "believe", "below", "beside", "besides", "between", "beyond", "biol", "both", "brief", "briefly", "but", "by", "c", "ca", "came", "can", "cannot", "can't", "cause", "causes", "certain", "certainly", "co", "com", "come", "comes", "contain", "containing", "contains", "could", "couldnt", "d", "date", "did", "didn't", "different", "do", "does", "doesn't", "doing", "done", "don't", "down", "downwards", "due", "during", "e", "each", "ed", "edu", "effect", "eg", "eight", "eighty", "either", "else", "elsewhere", "end", "ending", "enough", "especially", "et", "et-al", "etc", "even", "ever", "every", "everybody", "everyone", "everything", "everywhere", "ex", "except", "f", "far", "few", "ff", "fifth", "first", "five", "fix", "followed", "following", "follows", "for", "former", "formerly", "forth", "found", "four", "from", "further", "furthermore", "g", "gave", "get", "gets", "getting", "give", "given", "gives", "giving", "go", "goes", "gone", "got", "gotten", "h", "had", "happens", "hardly", "has", "hasn't", "have", "haven't", "having", "he", "hed", "hence", "her", "here", "hereafter", "hereby", "herein", "heres", "hereupon", "hers", "herself", "hes", "hi", "hid", "him", "himself", "his", "hither", "home", "how", "howbeit", "however", "hundred", "i", "id", "ie", "if", "i'll", "im", "immediate", "immediately", "importance", "important", "in", "inc", "indeed", "index", "information", "instead", "into", "invention", "inward", "is", "isn't", "it", "itd", "it'll", "its", "itself", "i've", "j", "just", "k", "keep", "keeps", "kept", "kg", "km", "know", "known", "knows", "l", "largely", "last", "lately", "later", "latter", "latterly", "least", "less", "lest", "let", "lets", "like", "liked", "likely", "line", "little", "'ll", "look", "looking", "looks", "ltd", "m", "made", "mainly", "make", "makes", "many", "may", "maybe", "me", "mean", "means", "meantime", "meanwhile", "merely", "mg", "might", "million", "miss", "ml", "more", "moreover", "most", "mostly", "mr", "mrs", "much", "mug", "must", "my", "myself", "n", "na", "name", "namely", "nay", "nd", "near", "nearly", "necessarily", "necessary", "need", "needs", "neither", "never", "nevertheless", "new", "next", "nine", "ninety", "no", "nobody", "non", "none", "nonetheless", "noone", "nor", "normally", "nos", "not", "noted", "nothing", "now", "nowhere", "o", "obtain", "obtained", "obviously", "of", "off", "often", "oh", "ok", "okay", "old", "omitted", "on", "once", "one", "ones", "only", "onto", "or", "ord", "other", "others", "otherwise", "ought", "our", "ours", "ourselves", "out", "outside", "over", "overall", "owing", "own", "p", "page", "pages", "part", "particular", "particularly", "past", "per", "perhaps", "placed", "please", "plus", "poorly", "possible", "possibly", "potentially", "pp", "predominantly", "present", "previously", "primarily", "probably", "promptly", "proud", "provides", "put", "q", "que", "quickly", "quite", "qv", "r", "ran", "rather", "rd", "re", "readily", "really", "recent", "recently", "ref", "refs", "regarding", "regardless", "regards", "related", "relatively", "research", "respectively", "resulted", "resulting", "results", "right", "run", "s", "said", "same", "saw", "say", "saying", "says", "sec", "section", "see", "seeing", "seem", "seemed", "seeming", "seems", "seen", "self", "selves", "sent", "seven", "several", "shall", "she", "shed", "she'll", "shes", "should", "shouldn't", "show", "showed", "shown", "showns", "shows", "significant", "significantly", "similar", "similarly", "since", "six", "slightly", "so", "some", "somebody", "somehow", "someone", "somethan", "something", "sometime", "sometimes", "somewhat", "somewhere", "soon", "sorry", "specifically", "specified", "specify", "specifying", "still", "stop", "strongly", "sub", "substantially", "successfully", "such", "sufficiently", "suggest", "sup", "sure", "t", "take", "taken", "taking", "tell", "tends", "th", "than", "thank", "thanks", "thanx", "that", "that'll", "thats", "that've", "the", "their", "theirs", "them", "themselves", "then", "thence", "there", "thereafter", "thereby", "thered", "therefore", "therein", "there'll", "thereof", "therere", "theres", "thereto", "thereupon", "there've", "these", "they", "theyd", "they'll", "theyre", "they've", "think", "this", "those", "thou", "though", "thoughh", "thousand", "throug", "through", "throughout", "thru", "thus", "til", "tip", "to", "together", "too", "took", "toward", "towards", "tried", "tries", "truly", "try", "trying", "ts", "twice", "two", "u", "un", "under", "unfortunately", "unless", "unlike", "unlikely", "until", "unto", "up", "upon", "ups", "us", "use", "used", "useful", "usefully", "usefulness", "uses", "using", "usually", "v", "value", "various", "'ve", "very", "via", "viz", "vol", "vols", "vs", "w", "want", "wants", "was", "wasn't", "way", "we", "wed", "welcome", "we'll", "went", "were", "weren't", "we've", "what", "whatever", "what'll", "whats", "when", "whence", "whenever", "where", "whereafter", "whereas", "whereby", "wherein", "wheres", "whereupon", "wherever", "whether", "which", "while", "whim", "whither", "who", "whod", "whoever", "whole", "who'll", "whom", "whomever", "whos", "whose", "why", "widely", "willing", "wish", "with", "within", "without", "won't", "words", "world", "would", "wouldn't", "www", "x", "y", "yes", "yet", "you", "youd", "you'll", "your", "youre", "yours", "yourself", "yourselves", "you've", "z", "zero"];  
   for (var i = 0; i < words.length; i++) {  
    // filtering out stop words and numbers  
    if (stopWords.indexOf(words[i].toLowerCase()) === -1 && isNaN(words[i])) {  
   // console.log(nonStopWords);  
   // step-2: forming an object with keywords and their count  
   var keywords = {};  
   for (var i = 0; i < nonStopWords.length; i++) {  
    // checking if the word(property) already exists  
    // if it does increment the count otherwise set it to one  
    if (nonStopWords[i] in keywords) {  
     keywords[nonStopWords[i]] += 1;  
    } else {  
     keywords[nonStopWords[i]] = 1;  
   // step-3: sorting the object by first converting it to a 2D array  
   var sortedKeywords = [];  
   for (var keyword in keywords) {  
    sortedKeywords.push([keyword, keywords[keyword]])  
   sortedKeywords.sort(function(a, b) {  
    return b[1] - a[1]  
   // console.log(sortedKeywords);  
   // step-4: displaying top 4 keywords and their count  
   topKeywords.innerHTML = "";  
   for (var i = 0; i < sortedKeywords.length && i < 4; i++) {  
    var li = document.createElement('li');  
    li.innerHTML = "<b>" + sortedKeywords[i][0] + "</b>: " + sortedKeywords[i][1];  
  // displaying top keywords only if there is a word in the text area  
  if (words) {  
   keywordsDiv.style.display = "block";  
  } else {  
   keywordsDiv.style.display = "none";  
 // readability level using readability-metrics API from Mashape  
 readability.addEventListener('click', function() {  
  // placeholder until the API returns the score   
  readability.innerHTML = "Fetching score...";  
  var requestUrl = "https://ipeirotis-readability-metrics.p.mashape.com/getReadabilityMetrics?text=";  
  var data = input.value;  
  var request = new XMLHttpRequest();  
  request.open('POST', encodeURI(requestUrl + data), true);  
  request.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8');  
  request.setRequestHeader("X-Mashape-Authorization", "PQ4FOFuaR6mshI6qpnQKQvkDZQXjp1o6Zcqjsnug7GvNggTzUE");  
  request.onload = function() {  
   if (this.status >= 200 && this.status < 400) {  
    // Success!  
    readability.innerHTML = readingEase(JSON.parse(this.response).FLESCH_READING);  
   } else {  
    // We reached our target server, but it returned an error  
    readability.innerHTML = "Not available.";  
  request.onerror = function() {  
   // There was a connection error of some sort  
   readability.innerHTML = "Not available.";  
 // function to convert FLESCH READING SCORE into meaningful string.  
 function readingEase(num) {  
  switch (true) {  
   case (num <= 30):  
    return "Readability: College graduate.";  
   case (num > 30 && num <= 50):  
    return "Readability: College level.";  
   case (num > 50 && num <= 60):  
    return "Readability: 10th - 12th grade.";  
   case (num > 60 && num <= 70):  
    return "Readability: 8th - 9th grade.";  
   case (num > 70 && num <= 80):  
    return "Readability: 7th grade.";  
   case (num > 80 && num <= 90):  
    return "Readability: 6th grade.";  
   case (num > 90 && num <= 100):  
    return "Readability: 5th grade.";  
    return "Not available.";  

Image Comparison Slider Script Code-Make Money Online

Hey, this is your mentor Hamza Ali here, today I am going to share with you Image Comparison Slider Script for Blogger and WordPress (HTML+CSS+JavaScript) code. The question is what is the image comparison slider script answer is this is a website tool or script. For example, if you want to image comparison for your website then you can use this tool. The great thing about this tool is that it’s free to use or anyone can easily use this image comparison slider script.

By using this Free Image Comparison Slider script on your blog or website, you can make your website even more attractive and profitable.

Before After Image Comparison Slider

If you are a professional web designer, then you would be known about this before after image slider features. In this SCRIPT you have to comparison by sliding 2 images together.

If you want to use this image comparison tool, then many different plugins are available for WordPress. You can add any plugin with the help of which you can easily create an Image Comparison Slider in WordPress. But if you do not want to use a plugin, then you can also create one using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

ICM HTML Script for Blogger and WordPress JavaScript.

Or if you want to add to this before and after image slider script in the blogger blog So it’s possible now. For this, you have to provide Image Comparison Slider HTML JavaScript CSS Script. You just have to use the below code.

Note – 1.png and 2.png would be replaced with two different image URLs.

How to add blogger

Open your blogger dashboard and create a new blog Like blog URL imagecomparisonsliderscript.blogspot.com and then add any title or save the changes it will redirect to you your main dashboard of imagecomparisonsliderscript blog. After that open the theme option and

Copy Your Code:

 :root {  
  --slider-width: 50rem;  
  --slider-height: 30rem;  
 .compare {  
  position: relative;  
  height: var(--slider-height);  
  width: var(--slider-width);  
 .compare__image {  
  position: absolute;  
  height: var(--slider-height);  
  width: var(--slider-width);  
  border-radius: 0.4rem;  
  overflow: hidden;  
  user-select: none;  
  pointer-events: none;  
 .compare__image img {  
  height: var(--slider-height);  
  width: var(--slider-width);  
  object-fit: cover;  
 .compare__slider {  
  position: absolute;  
  z-index: 1;  
  width: 3.6rem;  
  height: 3.6rem;  
  background: #121212;  
  border: 0.1rem solid rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.1);  
  box-shadow: 0 0.2rem 0.8rem rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8);  
  border-radius: 50%;  
  cursor: grab;  
  transition: border-color 0.2s;  
 .compare__slider:active {  
  border: 0.1rem solid rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3);  
  cursor: grabbing;  
 <div class="compare">  
  <div class="compare__image">  
   <img src="1.png">  
  <div class="compare__image compare__overlay">  
   <img src="2.png">  
 let isClicked = false;  
 const image = document.querySelector(".compare__overlay");  
 const width = image.offsetWidth;  
 const height = image.offsetHeight;  
 const slider = document.createElement("div");  
 function compare() {  
  image.parentElement.insertBefore(slider, image);  
  slider.style.top = height / 2 - slider.offsetHeight / 2 + "px";  
  slider.style.left = width / 2 - slider.offsetWidth / 2 + "px";  
  image.style.width = "50%";  
  slider.addEventListener("mousedown", onSlideStart);  
  slider.addEventListener("touchstart", onSlideStart);  
  window.addEventListener("mouseup", () => (isClicked = false));  
  window.addEventListener("touchstop", () => (isClicked = false));  
  window.addEventListener("mousemove", onSlideMove);  
  window.addEventListener("touchmove", onSlideMove);  
 function onSlideStart(event) {  
  isClicked = true;  
 function onSlideMove(event) {  
  if (!isClicked) return;  
 function currentPosition(event = window.event) {  
  let xImage = image.getBoundingClientRect();  
  let x = 0;  
  x = event.pageX - xImage.left;  
  if (x < 0) x = 0;  
  if (x > width) x = width;  
  return x;  
 function doSlide(x) {  
  image.style.width = x + "px";  
  slider.style.left = image.offsetWidth - slider.offsetWidth / 2 + "px";  

7 Types Of Schools

What’s the best schools for your kids — public, private or maybe Montessori? Before you start investigating the increasing options, get yourself acquainted with today’s terms. Education expert Bruce Hammond explains the differences.

A Ph.D isn’t necessary to understand today’s school options, but it helps. As the movement for school choice picks up steam, parents are confronted with an increasingly tangled web of overlapping terms. From the private, parochial, evangelical and independent to the sectarian, secular or new charter schools (not to mention Montessori) — the plethora of school types can quickly confuse. Use our easy guide to get started on your search for a school that’s perfect for your kids.

Charter Schools

Since the first charter school opened its doors in 1992, almost 500 of them have sprouted in all corners of the nation. The idea is to let private groups create a new breed of public school. For every student they attract, charter schools get the tax money the local district would have spent on that child. Charter schools are freed from most regulations if they pledge to meet satisfactory performance standards. An interesting collection of institutions sponsors charter schools — from universities and nonprofit think tanks to Donald Duck and his friends at the Disney Corporation. Despite some predictable start-up glitches, President Clinton’s education plan calls for 2,500 more charter schools by the year  2000.

Evangelical Christian Schools

Conservative Christian schools are the fastest-growing variety of private school in the nation. They cater to families who have become alienated from public education because of declining standards and/or the absence of Christian values in the classroom. Just over 600,000 students attend Evangelical Christian schools, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Since the families are generally not of the upper crust, tuition is often a bargain compared to other private schools .

Montessori Schools

Their namesake is a turn-of-the-century educator who preached the virtues of holistic, child-centered learning. The Montessori approach usually means no grades and an individualized curriculum that emphasizes hands-on learning. Unfortunately, there is no consensus on exactly what the method is — any school can claim that it is Montessori. Though most are private elementary schools, a few public magnet schools specialize in the Montessori approach.

Private Independent Schools

Traditionally identified with elite clans such as the Kennedys and Tafts, these schools still cater mainly to the wealthiest one percent of the nation. They operate much like private colleges, with tuition almost as steep, though many offer financial aid that allows some middle- and low-income students to attend. The old-boy network in college admissions ain’t what it used to be, but independent school students are still prime candidates at the nation’s most selective colleges.

Public Schools

The friendly neighbourhood school is still the only public option in many communities, but changes are on the horizon. More than a dozen states have implemented choice programs, along with major cities such as Boston, New York and Seattle. School choice has traditionally been a Republican theme, but after hiding in the weeds for most of his first term, President Clinton came out strongly for public school choice in his second inaugural speech. Many urban areas also offer magnet schools, most of which were founded in the 1970s to promote desegregation. Typically, these schools specialize in areas such as science or the performing arts.

Roman Catholic Schools

Just over 10 percent of the nation’s students attend non-public schools, and approximately half attend Catholic schools. Long the most numerous kind of parochial (religiously affiliated) school in the nation, Catholic schools have enjoyed a surge of interest in the 1990s. The nuns of generations past have been largely replaced by lay people, but most Catholic schools still emphasize discipline, respect for authority and traditional values. That recipe is proving attractive to many non-Catholics (approximately 17 percent of those enrolled), who are more than willing to fork over several thousand dollars in tuition for average test scores that are significantly above the public school norm.

Other Sectarian Schools

A variety of other sectarian schools, notably Jewish and Lutheran, round out the education alphabet soup. With public school choice now a reality, the next question is whether Republicans can extend the charter school funding approach to the private school world. Known under the umbrella term of “voucher system,” such plans are bitterly opposed by public school advocates, who fear a massive outflow of funds to subsidize private education. 

How To Educate Your Child To Succeed

This is the most asking question how to educate your child to succeed. Exams are rituals of passage in a child’s life: distinguishing moments that determine how much happens before and after. A lot is riding on them as well: a desired University place or acceptance into a training programmed to pursue the vocation the child has always wanted.

Yet for many parents and those not directly involved in schools, the examination system is a confusing set of acronyms, levels and grades. This article will help to demystify some of the jargon and explain exactly what goes on.

For each set of examinations covered, it will look at what the exams consist of and what the exam ‘means’ to the child and the future of their academic career.

Key Stage Three Standard Assessment Tests (SATs)

Tests at the end of Year 7 and 8 (ages 11 and 12 years) are now growing in importance and are a useful preparation for the KS3 SATs, designed to measure a child’s progress in the first three years of Secondary school. As well as sitting papers in English, Maths and Science, the child’s teachers will produce Teacher Assessment levels which are seen to be as important as the formal Tests.

What is covered?

  • English: Reading, writing; a scene from a Shakespeare play prepared in class.
  • Mathematics: Algebra, handling data, measuring, number, shape and space, mental arithmetic.
  • Science: Physics, Biology and Chemistry.


  • Most children score between levels 3 and 7, with 5 being the average.
  • For children who are not expected to reach Level 3, alternative Tests are run in the classroom with teacher support.
  • For higher achievers there is the option of sitting the extension paper in each subject. If they do well enough, the child is awarded level 8 or EP – exceptional performance. The school will provide further information if they recommend entering your child.

The SATs results arrive in school by the end of the year. They may be used to help set or band students for GCSEs, but have no more bearing than that. They are not mandatory outside the state sector and thus many Independent schools do not hold the Tests.

General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSEs)

At the same time as your child is involved in the KS3 Tests, they will need to choose their GCSE options. These are the most important exams that a child has yet had to face, as the results have a real bearing on their future. They are often the passport to further study: if the child is going to stay on at school / college for A Levels or GNVQs, GCSE grades are an important indicator of ability and potential; if they are hoping to begin an apprenticeship or other work-based training, GCSEs are a valuable proof of commitment.

The curriculum:

  • Obligatory subjects are Maths and English, as well as a science, a modern foreign language and Design and Technology (which may be studied as short courses).
  • The student can opt for a variety of other GCSE courses.
  • All the exams have two or more papers and a coursework component. Modern Languages and English include oral / aural assessments, while other subjects include a practical component.
  • Information Technology, Physical Education, Religious Education, sex education and careers guidance are also mandatory and run alongside GCSE studies.


  • Pass Grades are awarded from A* to G.
  • A* is awarded to the very highest band of A grades.
  • Mainly for historical reasons, the C/D borderline is an important one (it is seen as the equivalent to the old O Level pass) and students will be pushed to gain a C if at all possible.
  • Students who are not expected to achieve a G grade may earn a Certificate of Achievement.

Schools usually hold ‘mocks’ at some time in Year 11 (often just before or after Christmas, or around the February half term), which give students valuable examination practice, enable them to see ‘real’ GCSE papers and crucially allow them to see the aspects that they need to work hardest on before the real exams in May and June.

Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level

A Levels are the final set of exams that may be taken at secondary school (if the school has a Sixth Form), or at college. They are the traditional entry requirements to university.

Recently the courses were updated. Now students can follow a course of study at an Advanced level for one year only and gain a recognised qualification (AS) at the end of it, whilst simultaneously studying for A Levels. This broadens the academic range of students: for example, someone studying three sciences to A level can also study History for a year. Universities welcome students with a greater breadth of knowledge and it also provides a more balanced diet of study for those heading for employment or training.

Timing of the exams:

  • Examinations (modules) may be held at various fixed times throughout the two-year A Level period.
  • Most students enter for the AS modules (A1) during the first year and the second part of the A level (A2) at the end of the course.
  • Some students sit both A1 and A2 at the end of two years, like the old A Levels.

General National Vocational Qualifications

Part One GNVQ develops general work-related knowledge and skills for students. It is designed to be studied alongside GCSEs or other qualifications and is now generally available in schools and colleges. It is available at Foundation and Intermediate level in various vocational areas, including Business, Leisure and Tourism and manufacturing. Two thirds of the final grade is based on a portfolio of work built up over the course.

Part Two GNVQ runs parallel to A Level courses along the same lines. GNVQs at higher levels can be studied at Further Education institutions.

The Many Reasons Why You Should Visit Montreal

While the USA tourism industry is experiencing something of a slump, Canada’s appeal continues to attract holiday makers from all over the world. The reasons are multi fold; extraordinarily beautiful and vast wildlife (a camper’s paradise), the hearty comfort food (bacon and waffles, anyone?), the multicultural and modern cities (renowned even on a global scale) and, of course, the warm and wholesome culture.

One of the aforementioned Canadian cities is Montreal, Quebec. If you are unsure where to start your Canadian adventure, consider this trendy city as an excellent starting point. Epitomizing everything that makes Canada great while also being a melting point of different cultures, Montreal offers the best of both worlds. A pioneering place in many ways; there’s something here to impress everyone. Here are the reasons why you will love Montreal…

Montreal will welcome you with open arms.

This French-speaking city in Ontario is young, friendly and tolerant. With a population of four million, Montreal is also highly multicultural – a fact evidenced from the rich variety of street food, art and music that permeates the city.

You can enjoy a one-of-a-kind shopping experience…

In Montreal’s underground city, RÉSO, visitors will discover a large network of shops and cafes spread across several levels. Escape the winter cold or summer heat be delving into this world of 1,600 high-end boutiques, souvenir stores and coffee shops. The underground complex is well illuminated and climate controlled. Approximately half a million people go through RÉSO everyday which, together with its enormous size, makes it the biggest and most popular underground city in the world. You’ll be able to access RÉSO at various points throughout the city, including bus terminals, metro stations, hotels and parks.

…as well as the very unique Montreal Biodome.

The largest natural science museum in Canada can be found right here in Montreal. The complex is called ‘Space for Life’ and includes the Montreal Insectarium, Botanical Garden, Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and of course – the world-famous Montreal Biodome. This particular section can be found at the city’s Olympic Park (originally constructed for the 1976 games). So what is it? The Montreal Biodome allows you to walk through four replicas of American ecosystems. As beautiful as they are educational, the ecosystems mirror the South American rainforest, North American wilderness, Arctic-Antarctic region and Gulf of Saint Lawrence estuary. Each section is found inside the velodrome (cycling stadium used during the Olympics) and features all the animals, plants and environmental conditions necessary to make the exhibit a realistic and accurate simulation of their respective ecosystems.

There’s an innovative art scene to behold…

There’s a new exciting art exhibition to check out in Montreal each week. If you’re a lover of classical arts, head to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where you’ll find incredible sculptures, paintings, sketches and decorations. Arsenal Montreal and Division Gallery, meanwhile, is filled to the brim with fantastic art from modern (and often local artists). However the most prestigious contemporary art museum in Montreal has to be The Musée d’art Contemporain which boasts a fascinating collection featuring many big names in the industry. You don’t have to pop into a gallery to enjoy Montreal’s art, though – the city offers plenty of street art to be seen all year round just from walking about.

…plus plenty of restaurants and cafes for the foodie.

From award-winning dining establishments to quaint little pastry shops, you’ll be able to get your foodie fix here in Montreal. Some famous local dishes include Fairmount bagels, smoked meat, steamed mustard-topped hot dogs, poutine and the ‘Foie Gras Double Down’.

While that might sound a little meaty, vegetarians and vegans can rest assured there’s plenty of trendy and tasty places serving up delicious meat-free dishes all throughout the city – Lola Rosa Cafe and ChiChai are two places to look out for!

Montreal prides itself on stylish design…

The architectural inattentiveness of Montreal cannot be understated. There is a fantastic mix of old and new architectural styles from both the past French and British colonization’s. The Roman Catholic basilicas (of which there are four) should not be missed by any fans of Gothic architecture. Canada’s largest church is also found in Montreal – the beautiful St Joseph’s Oratory. These historical buildings are uniquely juxtaposed against the modern skyscrapers and Avant grade architecture found throughout the rest of the city.

Montreal celebrates at least 90 festivals each year.

There’s a reason Montreal is known as a ‘city of festivals’. In total, Montreal hosts about 90 festivals annually – some very local and traditionally Canadian in nature, others international and high profile. Summer is the season during which most festivals take place – meaning you’re in for a treat of fireworks, parades, street food, markets and night-long parties if you happen to plan your trip around these events.

Montreal has a fantastic nightlife….

Festivals are of course not the only time the people of Montreal like to party. This is a city that never sleeps, with hundreds of historical or conceptual bars offering a unique drinking experience. Join the Montreal Craft Beer Tour for a night of artisan beer tasting, or pop into one of Montreal’s award-winning cocktail bars like the famous and darkly atmospheric Cold Room or the very glamorous Atwater Cocktail Club.

…not to mention one of the most impressive casinos in Canada.

Three interconnected buildings, six floors, 3,200 slot machines, 115 game tables, four restaurants, three bars and a cabaret; one could spend an entire weekend in the enormous Montreal Casino. Located on the Notre Dame Island, this luxurious gambling establishment is also surrounded by luscious greenery and lakes. Together with a number of distinguished casinos across the city, the Montreal Casino and its many poker tournaments makes Montreal a poker capital in Canada. Of course, it’s not surprising that Montreal should have a strong poker culture – the city is home to one of the most popular poker sites in the entire world…

…but Poker Stars isn’t the only famous international brand to have come out of Montreal.

Air Canada, Break glass Studios and American Apparel were founded in Montreal, with many other big businesses having moved their headquarters to the city. Business students, entrepreneurs, investors and startups will find Montreal offers a lot of exciting networking, conference and workshop opportunities within the field of business. Montreal was once, after all, the financial center of Canada.

Winter sports enthusiasts will feel right at home!

What is Canada without winter sports? There’s a reason the Canadian hockey team is one of the greatest in the world – this country has a way with snow. Check out one of Montreal’s many ice rinks, or drive one and a half hours outside of Montreal to Mont Trembling for excellent ski slopes. Then of course there’s Igloo fest – an outdoors winter music festival that sees a number of DJs put on amazing electronic concerts. Dancing is a sport too!

Families can treat their kids to a Six Flags amusement park.

Those looking for some amusement park thrills can visit Montreal’s La Ronde where they’ll find roller-coasters, Ferris wheels, waterslides and a whole number of heart-stopping rides. It’s a treat for children and adults alike!

Finally, it’s budget friendly…

With plenty of cheap eats, $11 per night hostels and a reliable public transport system, it’s perfectly possible to explore Montreal on a modest budget.

…and very green!

We’re not just talking about Montreal’s many tranquil parks when we say this city is green. Montreal is committed to promoting environmental friendly and responsible practices when it comes to transport, recycling, waste disposal and energy. Montreal consistently ranks high on the list of most eco-friendly destinations in the world – so you can enjoy a guilt-free holiday too!

Top 8 Best Application Letter For Job In English

Today I am going to share with you top 5 best application letter for job in English. If you are also searching on google to find the best application JOB letter then you are write place.

An employment form letter is typically the initial step to start the employment form measure.

This makes it the most crucial step towards bagging your dream job.

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Take cues from these job application letter samples to get the word out.

Job Application Format | How To Write a Job Application Letter, Samples, Format

In English, the following is the format for a job application: The first stage in the job application process is usually to write a job application letter. When applying for jobs, a job application letter, also known as a cover letter, should be mailed or uploaded with your CV. While your resume provides a summary of your work experience and achievements, the job application letter you send to an employer explains why you are qualified for the position and should be invited for an interview. Continue reading to learn more about Job Application Format for Teachers and New Graduates.

Thorough explanation of how to send / mail! -How to make a cover page

A resume envelope that you only write when you get a job or change jobs. Many people may be confused about how to select and write envelopes after it is time to be selected. That’s where this page comes in. If you read this, the doubts when mailing the application documents will be solved perfectly. You can find out a wide range of points to note when mailing your resume, such as whether the size and color of the envelope are fixed, where to write the address and address, and what is the best title depending on the address. Since you will be selected by the company you want, you want to give the impression that you can follow proper etiquette. We hope that what is written on this page will be of some help to your job hunting and job hunting activities.


 Write properly from the name of the prefecture, such as Tokyo or Hokkaido.

 Do not omit "chome" and "address". Writing such as "△-△△-△△△ room" is NG.

 Write the address and company name of the destination on the front side, and write your own address and name on the back side.

Company name Write “Co., Ltd.” instead of “Co., Ltd.”

” In the center of the envelope, write the name of the department or person in charge of the delivery.

Writing a cover letter for a job application

Unless such job posting specifically indicates that you are not required to send an application or cover letter, you must.
If the firm does not request an application, however, it is never a bad idea to include one.

Once your company requests that you send a letter, be sure you fully comprehend the instructions.

When addressing letters, use the standard business letter format.

At the top, provide your contact information, the date, and the contact information for your employer.

Make a point of saying hello first and signing last.

Concentrate on how you would benefit the firm throughout the message. Give specific examples of times when you demonstrated talents or qualities that are relevant to the position, especially those specified in the job posting or information.

If possible, include examples of situations where you summed a company’s value.
Numerical values provide tangible evidence of your abilities and achievements.

Job application letter sample – 1

Subject: Job Application for {Assistant Manager – Supply Chain}

Dear Mr./ Ms./ Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

I am writing to apply for the position of Assistant Manager – Supply Chain at your esteemed firm. I got to know about the job role through a member of your team, {Mr./Mrs. Name, Designation}, who happens to be my neighbor.

I earned my master’s degree in supply chain management from For a year, I worked at Company Name as a Management Trainee. I gained extensive knowledge and expertise in supply chain management in the e-commerce area while working at Company Name. I was also a member of the team in charge of developing and implementing new incoming supply chain processes.

Working at your esteemed e-commerce organization is the dream of every person who wants to make a career in supply chain management. Considering my expertise and skills, I am confident that I will be able to offer value to your company.

Please examine my application for the position.I’ve submitted my résumé and cover letter to the email. Please refer to them for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank You.

Yours sincerely,
{Your Name}
Mob: {Your Contact Number}
Email Id: {Your Email Address)

Job application letter sample – 2

Subject: Application for the Post of {Software Developer}

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

This is regarding your post on {Portal} about a vacancy in your company for the role of Software Developer. Please accept my application for the same.

Here is a brief about myself. I have completed B.Tech in Computer Science from {Institute Name}. I secured {Marks/Grade} in my final exams and passed with {distinction/Percentage}.

During my studies, I participated in various tech fests and also won a gold medal for creating an app from scratch in an inter-university tech competition.

I am able to Acquire the skills necessary to succeed in your fast-paced environment.
Because of the development chances you provide, I’ve always wanted to be a part of your firm.
I respectfully request that you provide me with the opportunity to study and grow in this position at your prestigious firm.

For more information, please see my résumé and cover letter, which are attached to this email.

Thank You.

Yours sincerely,
{Your Name}
Mobile:{Your Contact Number}
Email Id:{Your Email Address)

Subject: Application for the Role of (Name of the position) at XYZ Ltd. JOB TITLE 3

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

This is with reference to your job requirement at www.xyz.com for the role of (Name of the position). I really believe that my eligibility and experience make me a perfect nominee for the job.

I finished my (education) from this (Institute Name). I have worked as an Area Sales Manager and Assistant Marketing Manager at {Company Name}. During my work as Area Sales Manager, I conceptualized and completed a Customer Engagement Program that appeared in higher sales. As Assistant Marketing Manager, I served on the planning and execution of a new product launch. With 5 years of experience in B2B sales and marketing, I have an in-depth knowledge of the process. I am sure that I will be the right fit for the job.

I have attached my resume to the email for your reference. Kindly have a look.

I expect to meet you and discuss this opportunity moreover. Thank you for viewing my application for the role.

Best regards,

Name of the applicant
Mobile Number
Email Id:

Job Application Letter Example for Software Developer- 4

Subject: Application for the Post of {Software Developer}

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

This is with respect to your post on (name of the website) about an opening in your company for the position of Software Developer. kindly accept my application for the same.

Here is a concise about myself. I have finished B.Tech in Computer Science from ABC college. I obtained 80% in my final exams and passed with distinction.

During my studies, I joined various tech fests and also gained a gold medal for performing an app from scratch in an inter-university tech competition.

I am sure that I have the ability to excel in your dynamic organization. I have always dreamed of being a member of your company due to the improvement opportunities you present. I request you to provide me an opportunity to study and grow at your esteemed firm through this job role.

kindly refer to my resume and cover letter, attached to the email, for detailed information.

Thank You.

Yours sincerely,
(Name of the candidate)
(Contact number)
(Email address)

Job Application Letter for Teachers – JOB 5

Subject: Format of Job Application for the Role of {English Teacher}

Dear Sir/Madam

{Recipient’s Name},

This is in response to your job posting for an Elementary School teacher in Portal Name.
I’d have to apply for the position.

My interest has always been teaching, and I’ve always been good with kids. I’ve worked at School Name for 5 years as a supervisor. Prior to that, I spent two years teaching grades VI and VII.
My credentials and experience are in line with what you’re looking for.

I’ve included my résumé for your review, and I’d want to express my interest in the position.
Please contact me at the below-mentioned contact information if you believe it appropriate.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the candidate)

(Contact number)

(Email address)

Job application letter sample – 6

Subject: Application for the Post of {Data Analyst}

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

I am {Your Name}, and I would like to apply for the post of {Data Analyst} at your esteemed organization.

I worked at Firm’s Name for three years, where I assisted the marketing team in gaining valuable insights into their consumer base through data research. Data management software such as MS Excel, SAS, and Visualr are familiar to me.

I’ve added my whole resume to your email, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
{Your Name}
Mob: {Your Contact Number}
Email Id: {Your Email Address)

Best Application Letter for Job Vacancy- 7

Subject: Format of Job Application writing for the Role of {English Teacher}

Dear Sir/Madam {Recipient’s Name},

This is with respect to your advertisement published in {Portal Name} with respect to a vacancy for an English Teacher. I would be obliged to apply for the role.

Teaching has always been my passion, and I have always been excellent with students. I have been a Supervisor at {School Name} for 5 years. I have also taught classes VI and VII for 2 years earlier. My qualifications and experience meet your requirements.

I’ve added my whole resume to your email, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
(Name of the candidate)
(Contact number)
(Email address)

Job Application Letter-8

Newyork, 20 may 2011
Subject: Job Application

Dear, Daily Mail Manager

450 W. 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001 New York

With Regards,
Herewith I send an application letter and curriculum vitae in response to your advertisement in the Daily Times, Sunday, 15 May 2011. I have had experience over the past five years as marketing manager of cosmetics and hair care products at. Surya Ayu Cosmetic, Washington. In that position I’m responsible for sales in the Washington area, San Antonio, Denver, Dallas.

I realize that your resume or curriculum vitae that I submit this can not explain my qualifications in depth. Therefore, I really hope there is a chance interview, which I can explain how the potential in me and my ministry will give will be a tremendous asset for PT’s Daily Mail.

White Sampurn

Top Reasons why you should pursue B Tech Degree in CSIT

There are various IT-related courses available nowadays. However, not all are equally competitive. Selecting the right course is a big decision as it can either affect your future prospects positively or negatively.

A majority of students find it hard to select the right IT-related course. Pursuing B Tech degree in CSIT is an ideal way to rise above the competition. Before enrolling in the best colleges in pakistan for CSIT, you should be well aware of the scope and benefits of this course.

In CSIT, you would be made to learn various aspects of computer science and information technology. Moreover, CSIT is usually based on engineering capabilities that a fresher must possess. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the reasons behind pursuing CSIT.

Excellent Job Prospects

No doubt, graduating with good grades in CSIT would provide you with excellent job prospects. CSIT is an integrated course and allows the students to learn the basics of both computer science and Information Technology. That’s why graduates in this field possess a bright future ahead. Campus placement is usually good, which allows students to gain a foothold in the competitive job market.

A Glance at other Career Opportunities

To be precise, for CSIT graduates, opportunities exist in the area of design engineering, IT consulting and solution developers, etc. CSIT graduates can also work ample amount of job opportunities in system or network administration or as IT managers.

Quite impressively, CSIT is the only program that allows you to contribute both in the area of software and hardware design of the computer systems. You would be able to join prestigious global MNCs like Google, Microsoft, TCS, etc. What’s more, you can pursue higher studies in the form of M Tech or Ph.D. In other words, the career opportunities for a CSIT graduate are bright and prosperous.

Overview of the CSIT Program

As a CSIT aspirant, you would be made to learn the various aspects of computer science as well as Information Technology. For instance, you would know about the study of theoretical aspects of the basics of computer programming along with various types of programming languages.

You would also be able to learn about the various types of computer networks, data networks, and object-oriented programming. CSIT also includes a large number of modules which provides an opportunity for students to specialize in the chosen area. In other words, B Tech in CSIT course in Karnataka would provide you with the perfect opportunity to build a prosperous future.

Enrolling in CSIT in any reputed college would help you to develop a competitive spirit. IT is an ever-evolving field, and you have to be competitive all the time to gain a foothold in the industry.

CSIT encompasses a wide variety of aspects of computer science as well as Information Technology which exudes practicality. Taking admission to a good college would also help you to build your skills so that you can compete with others.