5 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins Comparison 2021

Hello audience, Today I will talk about the 5 best WordPress user registration plugins for 2021. Are you looking for a way to allocate users to register on your WordPress site? The User Registration Form allows users to create accounts to leave comments, add articles, and access premium content. This article will introduce you to the best WordPress user registration plugins available on your site.

Why Use the WordPress User Registration Plugins for WordPress

5 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins

The WordPress User Registration Plugin allows visitors to create an account on their website. WordPress has built-in features to help you manage your user registration. However, this is very limited and only allows users to access the management area of the site.

You can use the user registration plugin to create forms, such as custom registration and logins, and easy customization of user roles. This gives you more control over the entire user registration process. In addition, it is more secure and helps prevent spam accounts.

  • Ask users to register to access premium content.
  • online store (e-commerce) that creates only subscribers
  • Allow users to register and submit guest posts without allowing administrator access.
  • Create an online community dedicated to subscribers
  • Coupons for registered users offer discounts.
  • Encourage users to leave comments or take other actions on the site.

That said, take a look at some of the best WordPress user registration plugins available on your WordPress website.

WP User Manager

The User WP Manager is a free and customizable WordPress user registration plugin. This allows you to create a simple front-end user registration form.

WP User Manager – User Profile Builder Membership

This plugin is extremely flexible and gives you full control over the login page of WordPress users.

You can add your own Registration form to the site that contains the form short code.

There is an additional feature that allows you to add a user profile page. Send a new user registration email, view the member’s directory, and configure content restrictions.

The premium version of the plugin gives you access to the ability to add custom fields to your forms, integrated email verification, social login, GDPR and other additional features. Data compliance and WooCommerce integration.

WP Forms

WPForms - Best Drag Drop WordPress Forms Plugin

Mostly, webmasters use WPForms and it is the best contact form plugin for WordPress. It’s incredibly beginner-friendly and is used on over 4 million WordPress sites. The free version of the plugin includes contact form features such as basic form fields, spam protection, and email notifications. However, to create a custom user registration page, you need the premium version that comes with the user registration form add-on.

Add-ons allow you to quickly create custom registration and login forms.

This allows users to simply create an account on their WordPress site. s Troublesome.

The registration form is completely customizable. Username, user biography, and assignment

You can add and edit fields, such as. It also has built-in spam protection with manual admin approval or email confirmation links.


MemberPress is the best WordPress membership plugin. It’s very easy to use and has all the features you need to create a membership site in WordPress. Once you’ve configured your plugin, you can enable user registration with just a few clicks. The plugin will automatically create a thank you account and login page.

In addition to quick registration of new users, it has advanced user management capabilities that allow you to view existing users, sort by date, and edit profiles.

You can also set up an automatic welcome email for new users and redirect them to your home page.

Site integration Registration forms are easy with custom short codes.

It’s also easy to integrate MemberPress with WooCommerce via the tie plugin Rs.

This allows you to create member-specific e-commerce stores, create WooCommerce Registration forms, send new user registration emails, and more.

This is the best plugin for selling online courses. Almost all website owners use MemberPress to create and sell online courses.

ProfilePress is a WordPress user registration plugin that allows you to add a simple user registration form anywhere on your site.

It includes short codes that can be added to posts, pages, widget areas, and sidebars to easily display the user’s registration form.

The free version of the plugin is pretty basic, but you can customize it to suit your design. Site with custom CSS and HTML.


You can also set up a custom redirect to send the user to a new page after the user creates, signs in, or signs out of the account.

There is a premium version of Profile-press that offers customizable themes, social login capabilities, multi-step Registration forms and more

If you run an e-commerce store, you can use the WooCommerce integration to manage your registration and account forms with this plugin.

5. Formidable form
Formidable Forms The Most Advanced WordPress Form Builder

It is is one of the most advanced featured WordPress form builder available on the market. This goes beyond the basic contact form and is a form-based solution.

This means that you can use the drag-and-drop interface to create advanced forms such as surveys, quizzes, and payment forms.

In addition, data Jobs , directory, smart calculator can also be created, and the like.

This is not the most intuitive form builder, but intended for advanced users who need a high degree of control and customization.

Business and Elite plans can be easily added from the following plans: Registration form to WordPress site. This allows users to register and edit profiles from the front end of the site.

All kinds of advanced options are available, including custom password reset pages, user nickname fields, user data auto fill forms, and custom extension options.

Another great feature is the ability to allow users to create sub sites from the front end of all sites on a multi-site network .

You can integrate your Registration forms with WP Forms to enable many unique features.

For example, you can create a popup that contains a user login form.

These pop-ups are for users

You can use Exit-Intent® technology to program it to appear before you leave the page.

Another great feature is the limitation of premium content. To view the content, you need to register on the user site and create an account.

You can also enable form tracking to see how your Registration form is being converted and whether the visitor is away before filling out the form.

By improving conversions, you can increase your subscribers and revenue without wasting time.

Increase traffic.

What is the best user registration plugin for WordPress?

The WordPress plugins recommended in this article will help you create different types of user Registration forms. However, choosing the best WordPress user Registration plugin depends on your needs.

If you are a beginner and need the simplest solution,

Use WP Forms.

If you are a developer and want to create complex Registration forms,

There is no better choice than a formidable form.

If v If you’re looking for an all-in-one WordPress membership solution

You need to use MemberPress.

The overall best choice for WordPress user registration plugins is

WP Forms.

Not only has an Registration form generator and user management tools, but also for form design and monitoring

It is integrated with SeedProd and OptinMonster.

We hope this article will help you find the best WordPress user registration plugin for WordPress.

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